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What Do You Believe Is The Future Of Bookstores In India?

by kalvingalt

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One word. Bright.

The advent of technology is rightly making headway into the book world. The E-books and the E-commerce websites are slowly but surely squeezing a niche market for itself. But Sapna believes that the ‘Right’ kind of bookstores help create community for people in the places where they live. People may think they can live online, but in reality they live in real towns and cities, and physical bookstores help to enrich those places.

Bookstores are intelligent in all ways. You no longer need to know the name of the book/author you are looking for, you can go and browse the books, read them, discover new authors right there in the book store – none of which is possible in technology driven factors. The choices available are much wider.

There is and will always be place for the right type of brick and mortar stores. They permit socialization around the literature better than electronic counterparts. They also provide better 'browse' capability for previously undiscovered authors or forgotten titles.

The long-term economic effect of a shift from print to digital on both publishers and booksellers isn't clear. But whether the shift is dramatic or more gradual, the ‘Right Kind’ of bookstores will not decline.

We’ve been hearing about the demise of independent bookstores from the doom-and-gloom folks, but Sapna is still here strong and proving that it’s the Vision that sustains business, not mere shift in the paradigm.

As the online book shopping experience and electronic book formats grow, giving readers a wealth of information, the store experience will always live on. There is something special about speaking directly to a consumer in a bookstore, someone who not only is passionate about authors and fellow readers, but is also fascinated by the mere smell of the turning pages! is one of the largest Book Store in India which provides a wide range of books online. It will also shortly deals in, Music CD/DVD/MP3/Blue-Ray, Movies CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, Games and Multimedia products. If you want to Buy Books Online like academic, regional, novels, children and a coffee table with free shipping, visit us.

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