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Top Color Choices for Roofing in Detroit

by herbkoguchi

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Painting roofs in various shades can create a whole new look for a house. For some homeowners, a splash of color reflects their personalities, especially if they are free spirits. For others, different shades on the siding, trim, and roof that blend well, give their shelters timeless curb appeal.

The topography and temperature of the state where a house is located are important in roof color choice. In Michigan, the landscape is typically flat lowland with a few hilly areas, while the climate is humid. In steeper terrains where trees abound, a light blue or dark green tone could work. Roofing in Detroit can be rendered with earth hues that work especially in warmer weather.

In hot to arid weather, light colors are the smarter choice to help reflect the sun’s rays. A white asphalt shingle roof, for example, is visually pleasing; it fends off harsh sunshine and helps cool the whole house. A white metal roof could also be used since it cools faster at night, although it could be very distracting for motorists driving by. In cold climates, a darker color will work best.

Roofing in Michigan can likewise stand to use a bit of hue depending on the architecture of the homes they cover. Terra cotta roofs look good on brick or stone houses and Meditteranean abodes as well. Gray shades can give a house the traditional, conservative look, while a black roof evokes a modern feel. Black paint on the roof creates an illusion of a smaller structure which is appropriate for houses that have large proportions and are taller than usual.

There are also roofing materials that do not require painting. Slate tiles and clay roofs come in natural shades that can give any home a unique character. Both roof materials likewise have a flawless finish that the elements only make better over time.

Whatever shade a homeowner chooses for his roof, it should always complement with the colors of other house parts like the sidings and gutter to create a solid overall look. As a final tip, always remember that it's much better not to go overboard with colors because they're not that easy to replace. For more on this topic, visit;

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