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Prominent Advantages and Disadvantages of Tshirt Printing

by richardcheiw

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In current times, there are many t-shirt printing methods available. Of them few are very popular, where as the rest have either become outdated, or are no more economically viable. But, if one goes through the some of those most popular options, then they would find that each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A quick look into the characteristics of these popular Print Tshirt Singapore methods, will be give one insight into their pros and cons, and help select the most suitable alternative. Although, the method will be ultimately depend upon on one's requirement and the kind of image that is required. However, having the appropriate information normally helps in making the most appropriate selection. Some of the popular Tshirt Printing techniques are as follows:-

Heat Transfer Printing

This method is very much popular. In this technique, the job is done on the Branded T-Shirt by taking help of heat transfer paper. To start with, the desired image is first pasted on the heat transfer paper which is then placed on the T Shirt. After that, in order to get the image stamp on the T Shirt, a heated iron is used over the paper, to engrave the print on the cloth.

This method of typesetting image on a T Shirt is quite popular all around the world. The most prominent advantage of using this process is that it is a very effective and economical option. Apart from that, the tools and technique used be during the process can be easily replicated. Anyone who wants to set up a T Shirt manufacturing agency can be easily replicate the whole process in any comfortable place and start the job in a matter of few days. This is the reason, with the help of this process had helped a significant number of small scale t Shirt Printing In Singapore manufacturer make it big in the industry.

Digital Printing

This is another very popular option. According to some industry experts, the technique are highly advanced, complicated and had been recently introduced. It is due to this reason; this technique is able to catch the attention of many T Shirt manufacturers.

In this technique basically ink jet printer is required. All one has to do is to stretch the material below the machine's head and give proper instruction to it. The system will automatically understand the instructions and follow it accordingly.


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