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Behind every successful man is a well made suit

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You have an appointment with a Queen of England or the President of The United Nations and the most essential items of your wardrobe are missing; designer brand suits and confidence. These are two of the most significant accessories to make you look like a successful tycoon. If you have a well made suit you are bound to make some ladies swoon and your competitors sweat. Even if you are not meeting the prior mentioned eminent personalities and you need to make an impression of a flourishing and a self assured male all you need is designer brand suits. These suits are fit to be worn on any special occasion; a wedding, bachelor’s party, important meeting with your business associate or simply a date with your ultra sophisticated girlfriend or wife.  

A good suit is a lifetime investment because it is durable, provides comfort and is made of top quality material that is a perfect fit for you. The trendiest suits of all time are the slim fit suits. These suits mould your persona in such a way that you are bound to attract a lot of attention.  Besides this suit there are several other types of suits worn by men like:

  1. Dinner suit: These are one of the most common types of suit worn by men. They emerged as a replacement to dress coats.
  2. Business suit: As the name itself suggests these suits are mainly made for men belonging to business class. This is considered as one of the most appropriate business attire for conducting any business activity (conferences, business meeting etc. etc.)
  3. Wedding suit:  A combination of exceptional fabrics and classic styles with a graceful touch is an appropriate description of these suits. They are worn for special occasions like a party, wedding ceremony, engagement and other such occasions.
  4. Vintage suit: These suits comprise of: trousers, vest and a jacket. They are usually made up of wool or polyester.
  5. Pinstripe suit: The vertical lines that are marked from top to bottom define this category of suits.
  6. Window pane suit: The cut of this suit is exactly the same as a typical button down suit. This suit has window pane pattern on it that distinguishes it from other kinds of suit.
  7. Linen suits: These suits are made by linen cloth and are incredibly comfortable. They are generally associated with a relaxed vacation mode and are available in light colors.
  8. Tuxedo:  A tux is sported with a cummerbund and is usually classified by the tails that extend the length of the back coat.

The most popular designer brand suits are made by brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Wear any of these designer labels and receive the treatment of a movie star.


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