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We All Like Pearl Jewelry

by anonymous

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Why there are so many people like pearl jewelry?  Do you know the reasons? Yes, there is more than one reason. Pearls have been treasured around the world for thousands of years. They are the oldest known gemstone. They are made by oysters and mollusks from a single grain of sand.

We know that the pearls have different shapes and colors. Different colors have different meanings. The blue one means you will find love .Black or gold means wealth and prosperity. Pink is attached to success. Maybe you will get fame and fortune. But the most popular one is probably the white pearls. White means innocence, beauty and purity.  However there are some differences with the old times. Ancient Chinese civilization thought black pearls as a symbol of wisdom and thought them one part of a dragons head. Even the Japanese once believed that pearls were created from the tears of mythical creatures such as mermaids, nymphs and angels.

As lucky birthstone of June and the commemorative token of thirtieth wedding anniversary, pearl is a symbol of happiness, harmony, prosperity and peace.


Except these meanings of pearls, the most important thing is that wearing pearl jewelry makes people more beautiful and feel much better, especially some wholesale handmade jewelry. After processprocessthe processing, the pearl becomes more perfect. They will attract more and more people. The style of the pearl jewelry is changing with time going by. The jewelry 2013 series has been shown. Many of the new styles are very beautiful. I will find out the one I like best to wear.

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