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Window Designs for Your Home

by novasparks101

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Do you think you only have to worry about designing your rooms, gardens, and patios during home improvement projects? Tsk. Do you hear that? That’s me clucking my tongue. Of course, you have to pull your hair for amazing designs for those rooms. Those are major parts of the home. However, you seem to forget that little details can go a long way when home improvement is concerned. Those windows. Do you really just see them as windows? You see, my friend, they are more than that. People always say this cliché, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, in this case, let’s treat the windows as one of your house’s welcoming committees.

The basic design

This is your ordinary frame. If you are a simple person who does not want any additional hassle or drama in his or her life, then this design is perfect for you. The simple, basic design is usually made up of rectangles and squares with just the plain white paint as the outer covering. You can also choose any other color, depending on the type of personality you possess. One great thing about this design is that when needs for window repair rise up, you will have less inconvenience.

The elaborate design

This one is for the posh and those wanting to fit in with one of those glorious classic homes. Even if your house is not that large to begin with, you can compensate by having elaborate designs on your façade. People will still love (and gawk over) your lovely home. It just takes the right combination of designers and home developers to achieve that most coveted look. When you find them, be sure to relay your vision and plans for your home’s picturesque look. The right window designs can bring out the aura and all-around feel you want with your house.

The artistic design

You know this stuff. Everyone who love the artsy fartsy feel will dig this too. Usually, only artists themselves choose to create artistic designs for their homes. It does not really matter whether it comes out as beautiful or ridiculous. You have the artistic card. You can get away with any design you come up with. As long as you do it for yourself—not for someone else who pays you to design according to his or her specifications.

The customized design

This can go in any way. Either the designer is brilliant or nuts. However, we must also consider that customized designs are often done according to the client’s specifications. So I guess, it is safe to say that the credit and the blame go to both the designer and the client. The designs can vary from basic shapes such as rectangles, triangles, and squares to amoebic designs with no recognizable shape whatsoever. This can only go two ways. You have to prove that you are not nuts or something like it. So you, as the clients, has to think this over carefully if ever you will go along with your plan to apply the customized design.

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