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Water softeners in San Antonio becoming more popular

by irmagreer

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Hard water is a naturally occurring problem in San Antonio. Water becomes saturated with charged particles of minerals like calcium and magnesium. People who are new to the area might not notice any problems at first. The reality is that hard water will cause a number of issues in the home. A water softener is a system that is designed to remove the extra minerals from the water. There are several clear reasons why water softeners are becoming so popular in San Antonio.


The minerals in hard water leave a residue behind on fixtures in the home. The layer of minerals is known as scale. Scale causes discoloration in tubs, sinks and toilets. It also affects fixtures and nearly any item that comes into contact with water regularly like a bucket. Cleaning away this scale can take some effort. A particularly dense buildup of the minerals could even require the use of a special cleaner that dissolves the calcium and magnesium. Using a water softener will reduce the amount of cleaning that San Antonio homeowners must perform each week or month.

Wear on Appliances

The same scale that causes visible staining on the surfaces of tubs and sinks has an equally negative impact on appliances. The calcium and magnesium can quickly clog the jets inside of a dishwasher or the drain leading out of a washing machine. Water heaters that are constantly in contact with hard water become a fire hazard if the scale develops close to the heating elements. The scale also encourages corrosion over time. Water softeners installed by a professional plumber will extend the life of appliances by reducing wear.

Skin Irritation

Hard water has been known to cause problems for some San Antonio residents who have sensitive skin. The extra minerals form a thin and sometimes noticeable film on the body after a bath or shower. This actually causes skin irritation for some people. Hard water can also interact with certain body soaps or lotions. It could affect the smell or the moisturizing properties of the product. A water softener removes the minerals so that showers and baths do not cause irritation.


Washing clothes in water that is heavily saturated with minerals will have a negative effect on a wardrobe. The hard water will cause colorful clothes and patterns to turn grey after several washes. It can even start to change the texture of fine fabrics. The graying cannot be reversed. This could destroy a wardrobe over the course of a year or more. Water softeners make certain that clothes do not start to fade prematurely.


A major reason that water softeners are increasing in popularity is that they prevent damage to the plumbing in the home. Narrow pipes can become coated with scale. The scale restricts the flow of water. It can even eventually block water completely. These blockages are difficult for a plumber to locate and can be costly to repair. Softened water does not cause this type of damage to plumbing.


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