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Metal Roof Repair in Kennewick WA—Taking Care of Small Holes

by nelsonmcglaughlin

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Metal roofs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They are attractive and offer plenty of options in color and designs. Owing to their durability, they add value to any home or building they are installed on because they can last well beyond a hundred years. Despite these, metal roof repair and maintenance is still necessary to ensure they will last as long as you expect them to especially in the semi-arid climate of Kennewick.

A huge metal roof repair project is something that's best left in the hands of an expert in metal roof repair in Kennewick WA. However, a simple repair leak is not that hard to do and can be accomplished with the use of proper materials and tools. Below is a guide to repairing a small hole in a metal roof.

Step 1

Your first concern is to identify the kind of metal your roof is made of. Is it aluminum, copper, steel, or zinc alloy. Then, get a small piece of that same metal to create a patch that's around two inches bigger than the damaged area. To do this, use a circular saw with a metal cutting wheel or shears that mount on drills.

Step 2

Once you have an appropriately sized patch, fold the edges about ½ inch under, then sand the folded edge until it's shinier than the rest of the patch. Thoroughly clean the area that needs to be patched, then apply soldering flux on it, and on the folded edges of the patch.

Step 3

After applying soldering flux, place the patch over the damaged area and weigh it down with a heavy object, preferably something that won't scratch the roof. Next, solder all the way around the patch with a roofing soldering iron. Be sure not to leave any gaps or open spaces. Finally, cover the patched area with roofing cement. Once the cement has dried, your job is done.

Remember that this simple repair work is meant to be a stop-gap measure or temporary solution. There's no substitute for a professionally-done roof repair in Kennewick that only a licensed roofer can provide. Learn how to care for your metal roof by visiting

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