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Imbibe an old world Italian architectural style with Cantera

by Rosie

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If you have an interest in architecture, then you must have already heard a lot about Tuscan style. It is an Italian form of architecture whose roots can be traced to this small hamlet of Tuscany nestled in the country of Italy. This form of architecture puts a great emphasis on stonework and brings about an elegance of an unmatched kind. In the Tuscan style, you also get to see a hint of quaintness and that slight tinge of antiquity. Even though, this form of architecture is native to Italy, it has now spread its wings to different parts of the world. So, one often gets to come across homes built using this style.

The modern day men are showing a strong proclivity towards the Tuscan art. Many homes are now being designed by imbibing this theme either in its entirety or in bits and parts. There are many villas and buildings in Europe and even in America where this form of architecture has found a prominent place. Throwing further light on the Tuscan style, one can state that it is a hybrid of the Mediterranean and the old-world style. As explained above, it retains a bucolic, rustic feel to it. There is a hint of nostalgia as well. Plus, it has got strong shades of the Mediterranean art and it borrows heavily from its European roots.

When you opt for Cantera Tuscan Column, your house shall vehemently stand out from the cluster of other houses in your colony. Thus, if you want to lend a unique and catchy look to your home, then there is nothing better than the Tuscan art form. Tuscan makes its distinct presence felt in the house’s exteriors. If one has a discerning eye and a detailed knowledge of architecture, then he would easily spot your house even from miles away. Nevertheless, even to a layman, it would be clear that your house has been designed in a special way and by incorporating an old-age Italian style.

While the heavy stonework which goes in the making of exterior is easily distinguishable, even the interior of the house wears a novel and refined look. A lot of iron, concrete and wooden planks are used to create the Tuscan style. You can expect the doors and windows of your house to appear larger than most other modern-day homes. You could also find a tinge of Gothic touch, not very different from what is seen in historic landmarks and churches. Thus, those who love classic-style of living or those who abhor the flashy modern settings, Tuscan is hugely favored by them.

At the same time, this form of architecture is exceptionally strong and durable. The stonework is done with impregnable concrete and can easily withstand even the harshest of hurricanes. Plus, you must not forget, that when you are embracing Tuscan, then you are automatically embracing Italy- a country which has enjoyed an indomitable global status for its art and architecture.

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