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Online Advertising & its types!

by anonymous

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Online Advertising is a paid form of communication about a product or business. An internet advertising campaign therefore needs an identified and typically paid sponsor who will take responsibility of the entire promotion campaign. Internet Advertising is of various types. In the following paragraphs, a few types of online advertising are discussed. Have a look.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is preferred by online advertisers. Banner ads are either horizontal or vertical. You might have come across many banner ads that highlight a particular company’s name, services or offers. A banner advertising campaign provides effective branding solutions for a product if effectively launched.

Pop Up Ads                                   

Whenever you visit a particular website, you get a notification or a warning on your browser about it being blocked a pop up asking you to enable it. On other websites, you come across similar pop up ads right as soon as you log on the website. These pop ups are shown before you can view the content of the page. Pop up ads are used by advertisers to draw attention of customers.  However, some customers find this type of online advertising quite pestering. One can customize the web browser to enable pop ups or not. Hence, it is the choice of any customer to view or avoid the pop up ads.

Newsletters & Emails

Sending emails and newsletters is another popular trend of promoting a brand or business to the target groups. Emails or newsletters pick up random email addresses of target customers and communicate the brand message in a bulk manner. Newsletters are however sent only to those who subscribe to them.

Classified Ads

Various websites are exclusively dedicated for classified ads. An online classified ad is just like a print classified ad but for the difference in the medium. A brand or business owner can post classified ads of his business to attract customers from time to time.



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