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FileMaker The Cloud - Filemaker to Overcome Issues

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Most organizations, nowadays, complete projects through distributed teams. As the members of a distributed team often work from different locations, each company has to ensure that its databases are accessible by individual employees, regardless of their current location and time zone. Along with the regular employees, the databases also need to be accessible for the travelling employees, home workers, and freelance professionals. You can easily share the databases among all members of your distributed team by using Cloud computing services.

Once you choose the right and implement the right Cloud service, it will offer you a number of short-term benefits. However, you have to regularly handle a number of issues related to the online services. So many organizations use customized Filemaker in the Cloud to overcome these operational problems. In addition to saving your ongoing expenses, the Cloud computing with Filemaker further enables you employees to access fully functioning copies of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced using their computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices with internet connectivity.

An organization can easily migrate its existing Filemaker systems to a cloud server. You can even consider customizing the hosted Filemaker copies to run at a speed similar to running on local computers. The option will further enable your employees to access the database on major web browsers including Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Also, your employees can use a specialized app to access the databases on their iOS and Android mobile devices. At the same time, Filemaker is also effective in resolving some of the problems commonly associated with migrating to Cloud computing.

Why Use Filemaker to Overcome Issues Related to Cloud Computing

Reduced Monthly Overheads: When an organization migrates to Cloud computing, it has to incur ongoing expenses towards using the software. You will not be able to use the software any more once you stop paying the fees. Also, the service provider will require you to pay additional fees for allowing more users to access the system. You can easily reduce the overhead by using customized FileMaker software.

As you have purchased the customized database file from the developer, you can use it over a longer period of time without paying any additional fees. You have to pay only for having a copy of FileMaker for each user, but there will not be any additional charges for adding new users. Also, you have to incur periodic expenses towards upgrading the Filemaker software, but the cost will not affect your monthly overheads.

Custom Database to Suit Your Business Model: Often Cloud computing solutions do not suit the business model of an organization. So, organizations are required to change their existing operations and processes to smoothly migrate to Cloud computing. You can easily avoid making any changes to your business model by adopting Filemaker in Cloud.

As the database is customized to suit your specific needs and objectives, it becomes much easier for the developer to make minor changes to make the solution fit your business model perfectly. You can even avoid incorporating any new changes by sharing your exact
FileMaker development requirements with the Filemaker database developers.

Easy to Train Your Distributed Employees: Normally, the commercial Cloud computing solutions are designed by targeting a wide variety of users. So, most of these solutions come with loads of features to suit the needs and business models of individual organizations. There are also chances that some of these features may not be used by your company. That is why, many organizations have to invest both time and efforts to decide the specific features that will be used by their employees.

Also, your staff must be trained to understand and use the features essential for your business model. But you can easily save your time and efforts by using customized Filemaker in Cloud software. As the interface is designed by keeping in mind you business model and processes, you are not required to identify the useful features. At the same time, the new solution further enables you to train your staff within a very short span of time.

Easy to Incorporate Changes: The constant changes in the habits and choices of customers have compelled most companies to explore innovative ways to develop and market products. Many companies even change their business models regularly to increase their revenue. So there are always chances that you may want to make changes to the current Cloud computing service. But the company developing Cloud computing software to target wider users may not consider your request to incorporate additional features and functionality.

On the other hand, you can easily upgrade your customized Filemaker database application without causing any delay. As the developer has made the application based on your workflow, he can easily incorporate additional features to optimize the software’s performance. However, you have to incur additional expenses to incorporate new features to suit your updated business model.

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