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9 Tips for Good Restaurant Signage

by anonymous

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1.) Make Signage Eye Appealing: Create a sign that stands out from the competition. Use striking graphics, colors, and capital letters. However, don't overdo it!

2.) Display Brand Identity: Promote your restaurant's brand identity by including the name and company logo on the signage. Let potential customers know who you are.

3.) Make Signage Informational: In addition to your name and logo, advertise specials or unique characteristics about your restaurant. Keep messages short and easy to read.

4.) Keep Signage Updated: Never keep old information on a sign. Consider refreshing your message as often as possible with either a tagline or new specials.

5.) Consider Visibility: Set up signage so that passersby can read it from the direction heading toward the restaurant, and put the sign closer to the road or in the "line of sight" of the pedestrian or driver. Also, make sure obstructions, such as trees,buildings, or other signs, do not block your signage.

6.) The 7 Seconds Rule: Place your sign where viewers have at least seven seconds to read the display message. The more exposure to your sign, the bigger the reach to potential customers.

7.) Keep Signage Clean: Make sure your sign remains free from dirt and other debris. If lights illuminate the sign, keep bulbs intact and replace them as soon as they burn out.

8.) Consider Supplemental Signage: Restaurant owners typically add additional signs to their location, including banners, window lettering, and posters. This represents a great way to promote events or specials.

9.) Raise Capital from Your Community: Need money for a new sign? Reach out to potential investors by visiting, a great alternative to traditional funding sources where you offer discounts, free meals, or other incentives in exchange for funding

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