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Cloud based telephone technology or system is a comparatively newer term in the ambit of telecommunication. The term literally means that the telephone service in question is provided through internet connectivity and hence there is no need of the old fashioned conventional telephone connections. When we speak of the term, ‘system', it in telecommunication terminology literally signifies a group or set of telephones that are put to operate together. However, at times, it is also used to denote a system or a set up of connections that constitute a unified telephone network that operates over internet connection.
Since the system or the set up involves a set or a group of telephone, a cloud based VoIP telecommunication system simply denotes a single platform of business telephone unit or system. This system is unique for small businesses and smaller companies as there are a number of service providers, usually referred to as vendors, who provide this service at extremely reasonable rates though the extent of support and the quality of service is outstanding.
When it comes to using VoIP based cloud telephony by the smaller businesses, it includes a holistic use of all the features as well as capabilities that the systems come up with. The features and the technicalities may differ from vendor to vendor but the very basics are more or less the same. The service includes making & receiving calls through internet, handling voicemails and other messages through internet, using various value added features like call forwarding, automatic attendant greeting options, calls on hold options, call mute, automatic call transferring options and so on.
However, using these telephone systems means something beyond all these. The features of the SMB VoIP telephone systems should include those which are used by the larger companies though that should not ask for any extra expenses.
As a matter of fact, the needs of the SMB VoIP based telephone system are quite different that those for, say residential VoIPs. There is no need to route or transfer calls in case of residential VoIPs and this is why, the SMBs need to opt for the right kind of VoIP based telephone systems that would fulfill their business demands.
The right variety of VoIP, with the right kind of features and quality, can easily make a lot of difference so far as the end results of a business in question is concerned. Virtual PBX SMB VoIP based telephone solutions are designed with features as well as capabilities of the high end VoIP supporting telephone systems. Using these phones in the right way as per the demand and requirement of the business can make your day in your office. Truly, these types of telecommunication system has revolutionized the concept of business by bringing the SMBs at par with the even the biggest companies, at least from the communication point of view.

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