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2013 Summer Weeding Fashion

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1. Hydrate!


As an Arizona bride, we’re sure you know how

important water can be in the summer months

to keep hydrated. Even if you’re tying the

knot in the winter months, one of the world’s

easiest beauty tips is to drink water!

When we asked Becky Lilley, Senior Stylist &

Educator at Rumors Salon, for her best beauty

tip for brides she said, “Drink lots of water. It’s

never underrated.”

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways

to not only quench thirst, but also keep your

skin soft, full, and youthful. The hustle and

bustle of your big day can often keep you

from remembering the little things, but if you

remember one thing on your wedding day – it

better be to drink those fluids!


2. Change with the Seasons

Fashion changes with the seasons, and so

should your hair and makeup! Typically, we

see darker colors and more structure in cooler

months and lighter colors and relaxed styles in

warmer months.

“Fall lip colors are the deep plums, raisins,

and maroons … these lip colors pair nicely

with a smokey eye,” says Dana Railey of Dana

Railey Makeup Artist. She adds, “Spring lips

are brighter in color like your tangerine, bright

pinks, and coral. These lip colors pair nicely

with a more natural eye look so the focus is

on the lips.”

“As far as hair goes, spring and summer

styles should carry with them more air and

lightness, while fall and winter styles should be

more structured and refined,” says Lilley.


3. Get Airbrushed

No matter what the season, airbrush makeup

is becoming a necessity for brides on their

wedding day. With its incredible staying power

and the flawless look it gives your skin, why

wouldn’t you choose it!

We asked Rachel Koszegi, owner of

Brushed, Inc., what her biggest piece of advice

for soon-to-be brides’ beauty regimens, and

she said, “Get airbrushed.”

Koszegi added, “Airbrush foundation has

high pigment content and will photograph

better and look better in person. It will also

stay on all night and keep you looking fresh

faced until the last guest leaves.” It’s one

decision you definitely won’t regret.


4. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Color

We never want you to be one of those brides

that looks back on old photographs and cringes.

That’s why we suggest hiring a makeup

artist to make all of your wishes come true on

your big day, including incorporating fun colors

into your makeup!

“A great makeup artist will customize a palette

of color to complement the bride’s skin

tone and features,” says Janet Payne, Creative

Founder of Artistic Wedding Hair & Make-Up


For the fashionable, confident bride,

Heather Wilson of Artistry on Location,

suggests bold color on the eye. “Bright greens,

blues, and purples are what was seen walking

down the runway this season, as well as hot

pink lips.”

As always, the classic and timeless natural

beauty looks will keep you looking your best.

Bronze shades, creams, and pale pinks can

create a fresh and flawless look that seems



5. Hair is Everything

Hiring a hairstylist on your wedding day is one

of the easiest ways to help you look and feel

like a princess. From classic up-dos to long, relaxed

curls, the options for your wedding day

hairstyle are endless!

“Brides love the best of both worlds. A

choice of ‘half up and half down’ is a prominent

selection and complements most face shapes.

This style lessens face width and elongates

the overall face shape … all perfect for the

camera!” says Payne.

Deb Capaldi, President of Pucci Salon,

suggests unstructured updos for brides and

bridesmaids, especially during the summer

months in Arizona. Loose, knotted styles with

romantic braids intertwined are great for photos

as well as looking remarkable all day long.

Looking for more? There are even some

great hair accessories out there to choose from

like feathers, beads, pearls, or lace headpieces!

Play around with different styles before your

big day to find which look is right for you.


6. Pick the Trend That’s Right For You

Not every hair and makeup trend will be right

for you. Hiring a professional can be a foolproof

way to make sure you are looking and

feeling your best on your wedding day.

A good makeup artist and hairstylist will

know which looks will play up your best features

and keep you looking flawless throughout the

entire celebration. Don’t let a trend keep you

from staying true to yourself.

“Stay within your comfort zone when selecting

the perfect hair and makeup! Beauty is an

extension of our inner-self and confidence levels,”

says Payne. The most important thing is

that you and the love of your life feel great and

you take his breath away.


7. Prepare In Advance

There are a few things you can do to make

yourself appear happier, healthier, and more

beautiful on your wedding day, and it’s easy

with just a few simple changes in your everyday

beauty routine.

“Don’t wait until the last minute to ‘fix’

what you think you have a problem with,” says

Dr. Corwin Martin of Estetica Cosmetic and

Reconstructive Surgery. “There is no quick fix

for anything. Anticipate the unexpected, and

prepare your skin by starting early.”

Our experts suggest using a great under

eye cream right away, beginning facial

treatments three months prior and deep

conditioning hair treatments two months

prior to the wedding date.

“Start your skin care regimen three months

prior to your wedding. If you’re switching off

between a bunch of different products, your

skin’s pH will be off and bring out impurities in

your face,” says Joni Schultz owner of Natural

Beauty by Joni. Since you’ll most likely

get your makeup done on your big day, it’s

important that your skin becomes a nice base

for your makeup artist to work off of.

It’s also best to try out your hair and

makeup in advance. When asked how a bride

can look her best on her wedding day, Koszegi

said, “Do a trial. Don’t leave it up to the day of

the wedding to figure out what look you want –

it will just add unnecessary stress to a day that

should be perfect.”


8. The Day Before…

To help you relax, many of our experts suggest

getting a 90-minute massage the day before

your big day. Plenty of resorts in the Valley offer

unique treatments including the Aji Spa & Salon

at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa. With

all of the stress from planning and time spent

with relatives, it’s a good idea to get away from

it all and have some time for yourself.

The evening before your wedding is probably

going to be spent with family and friends

starting off the celebratory weekend. Although

it’s tempting, try your best to stay away from

alcohol. It will only dehydrate you and keep you

from feeling and looking your best the next day.


9. Pamper Yourself

This day is all about you – so enjoy it. Pamper

yourself. Get your nails, hair, and makeup

done by a professional. This will be the biggest

day of your life, and frankly, you deserve it.

So much time and effort goes into planning

a wedding. You owe it to yourself to feel like

a princess when you meet your prince at the

end of the aisle.


10. Smile!

Remember to take lots of pictures and smile!

Months and months are spent planning for

this event and the day will go by way too fast.

Remember what you’re celebrating and don’t

get too wrapped up in the little things that

may not go your way, because, hey! – you’re

marrying the love of your life and you’re going

to look fabulous doing it. 
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