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Knowing The Causes Of Low Testosterone Will Help You To Cure

by nixpolking

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Testosterone is a male sex hormone produced by our body for our well being. It comes from androgen group of hormones. This particular hormone helps in normal growth and development of our body. It is also responsible for development of male sex organs. And, it also maintains other sexual characteristics of males. The body of males produces this hormone in the testes and, in reproductive glands that also produces spermatozoa. The production of this hormone is regulated by the hypothalamus gland and pituitary gland. This hormone helps in growth and maturation of prostate. This hormone is also responsible for developing male hair distribution, for example facial hair. Its level in body determines body muscle mass and strength and fat distribution. It is an important hormone for male libido, and other sexual functions. Its level in the body also determines one’s mood and energy level. Testosterone is also found to be essential hormone for bone strength.

There are many males who suffer from low levels of this important hormone in their body. Knowing the causes of low testosterone can help to cure the problem. There are several different causes of low testosterone in men. Some of which are mentioned below.

1. Certain medications that affect hormonal balance can lead to low levels of this hormone. For example, steroidal medications can be one of the many causes of low testosterone.

2. Some inflammatory diseases can arise this problem. In particular, the inflammatory disease that directly affects male reproductive system can lead to this problem.

3. In jury to testes, or infection in the testes can also be the cause for this problem.

4. A genetic abnormality can cause this problem. For example, Klinefelter’s syndrome is a genetic disease in which males have extra `X’ chromosome in their body.

5. Undescended or absent testicles is another cause for this problem.

6. Increase in iron levels in male’s body can be one of the many causes of this problem.

7. Cancer treatment is infamous for hormonal imbalance in the body. The levels of testosterone may decrease when a person is going through radiation therapy.

8. Toxic damage from alcohol or other metals are one of the primary suspects for hormonal imbalance in male body.

9. Congenital hormone disorders that affect hypothalamus gland or pituitary gland is one of the many causes for low testosterone in men.

Knowing about the above mentioned causes of low testosterone can effectually help in the treatment. By knowing the causes, most males avoid using chemical based products as a treatment option. Herbal products, such as Musli Kaunch capsules, are free from side effects, because they do not contain any harsh artificial chemical in the formula. Musli Kaunch capsules are made after combining various varieties of Musli with Kaunch seeds. Musli and Kaunch seeds both are famous amongst herbalists as a natural cure for hormonal imbalance in the body. Musli Kaunch capsules correct functioning of glands to restore hormonal balance. They improve production of testosterone in the body by nourishing hypothalamus gland and pituitary gland.

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