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3 Unconventional Reasons Why You Need To See Your Dentist

by anonymous

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You probably heard tons of ineffective persuasion from friends and relatives persistently encouraging – sometimes forcing – you to visit a dentist. “You are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood in Washington DC that has a dental clinic. For crissake, Jayson! It’s just walking distance,” a line you might have already heard from one of your melodramatic aunt. The thing is you don’t think there’s a need to do so because you have good brushing and flossing habits, you have no cavity, and you are perfectly fine. I get you, my friend! I myself become a little too stubborn sometimes, but there are things I want to tell you haven’t heard yet, almost certainly.

Why do you need to visit the nearest dental clinic near you?

It’ll give you a headstart in your career. Whoa! Career? That’s a big word. But let’s not move into circles and get straight to the point. Having a nice set of teeth will give you the confidence you need for that job interview that will land you to your dream job, proposal pitch that will turn your creative juices into a 30-sec TV commercial, client persuasion that will give you an opportunity to sell 60 condominium units, etc. Trust me, your success starts when you speak your mind and when you flash your smile – plus hard work and determination of course.

Second in the list involves your relationship status! All eyes here because this is really important. A lot of romantic relationships suffer because of oral infections, and halitosis that is caused by poor dental hygiene, wrong food choice and some respiratory and digestive illnesses. So how do relationships suffer? Well, let’s admit it. Nobody wants to kiss and make out with partners that have dental problems. It’s a small problem that can be solved by going to a dental clinic once every 6 months. If you cannot fix it, how much more can you partner rely on you in fixing bigger issues? In relation to this, a study in 2011 in the Journal of Periodontology says that out of 15 people, 10 are women who regularly visit their dentists and 5 are men who do the same. The ratio is so unbalanced; it should be that way. The least you can do to avoid offending your partner is to see a dentist.

Lastly, it’s about your health. I have read a lot of books written by dental experts saying that one’s dental health is a reflection of his or her health in general. Think of going to a dental clinic the same way you think about your yearly medical examination. It is often required by companies. Make dental check-ups a “self-requirement” as well. Staying healthy in a holistic way will do you good. As they say, “Health is wealth.” You’ve got to hold on to that!

I’m done with my list. I hope that natural stubbornness has loosened up a bit!

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