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Glimpse Into The Rainbow Of Tourist Destinations And Delicio


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One of the largest democracies in the world, India has been able to maintain a balance within all of its diverse groups of region, religion and beliefs.A lot is said about the tolerance and diversity of the country, but it is only when one actually does an India travel through its entire length and breadth, does one actually grasp the extent of differences coexisting within a single country.

Dressing Up

Indians love to dress themselves in colours and a variety of textures. Indian clothes arenot onlya mixture of colourful patterns and beautiful designs, but they are also an art of storytelling. There is a unique combination of dressing style and colour patterns for different occasions and festivals which have been passed on from generations with gusto and fervour.Be it a Banarasi Sari, Mysore Silk suits or Bandej Chunari; every clothing material is a tradition in itself which is preserved and enjoyed by Indian men and women, who wear it. Indian designs, patterns and clothing materials are famous world over for their unique texture and bright colour combinations which are making them a rage at international runway shows.

Eating Rich

Indian curries are famous for their rich flavours and aromatic spices all over the world. And though famous chefs all around the world try to emulate Indian cuisine,it is tough to capture the styles and beliefs which have been ingrained in Indian cooking.Rice is the staple food, especially in South India and is consumed with a lot of lintel and curry dishes. North Indian cuisine consists of traditional rotis or parathas made from wheat or plain flour and enjoyed with a wide array of vegetable and non-vegetarian curry dishes. Along with the main food dishes, accompaniments like flavoursome chutneys and pickles add an extra zest to the whole meal. An Indian meal is considered not only rich in flavours, but also a conglomeration of essential vitamins and other nutrients, thus providing lip smacking taste in a balanced diet.

Travelling Across

With a lot of tourist destinations all across the country, there is an ideal destination for everyone. Whether one wants to explore dense forests, climb mountainous ranges, enjoy vast deserts or stroll through lovely beaches; there is a perfect vacationing stop suiting everyone’s interests.And it is not just the rich natural beauty; India has a lot of culturally significant and historically rich locales which attract tourists from all across the world. Indians are famous for their hospitality too, with their warm and welcoming nature where a guest is considered divine and welcomed with open hearts. But during travelling India, one should be careful about the climate changes and cultural sensitivity of the local residents. With its rise in medical advancements and global connectivity, India is also largely being promoted for its medical tourism wherein, people are offered effective, world class medical treatments at comparatively lower costs.

So, whether you want a sun soaked summer holiday or want to climb the ice capped mountain peaks, whether you want to enjoy hot and spicy gastronomic delights or want to experience the rich heritage and cultural history; India has everything to offer for those who are looking for a blend of colours, taste, culture and courtesy.

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