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The Nani Lake: The Lake Of Endless Tales

by cabgurgaom

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The Nani Lake is the basis characteristic as well as the main attraction of the beautiful place called Nainital. There are many fables in scriptures that indicate the existence of this place hundreds of years ago. The ‘Manas Khand’ of the prehistoric holy Scripture ‘Skanda Purana’ tells that the destination was customarily known as the ‘Tri-Rishi-Sarovar. Tri literally means ‘three,’ whereas Rishi means ‘Sage,’ and Sarovar ‘the lake.’ When combined together, the place was popular with the same of the lake of three sages whose names were Atri, Pulastya, and Pulaha.


The fable says that the rishis were on an extended pilgrimage. While traveling, they arrived at this place and began their search for water to satisfy their thirst. When they did not find water anywhere, they planned to dig a hole and redirect water into it from the Mansarover Lake located in Tibet. Thus, it gave rise to this lake. Travelers love the history linked with this pristine lake and always crave to book Taxi Gurgaon to Nainital services.


One other legend tells that deity Parvati was very annoyed with her father named King Daksha for not sending an invitation to her and Lord Shiva (her husband) to a ceremony. She assumed it as an offense and jumped into the fire and thus turned into Sati. While the anguished Lord Shiva was carrying her dead body to Kailash Parbat, her left eye fell down into this lake. Thus, the lake received its name as Nainital which literally means ‘Nain’ as in ‘an eye.’ The place is one of the 64 ‘Shakti Peeths’ in India.


Taxi from Gurgaon to Nainitalhas become the need of the hour considering the number of people showing interst in religion and places linked to it. This is the reason why a good influx of people head towards to this popular destination to spend some time close to the ancient world which was pristine and beautiful indeed.


Nainital has always been a popular destination starting from the time of British rule. In those days, this place used to be a summer holiday resort for the British rulers. In the year 1817, the commissioner of Kumaon named G.W. Traill visited this heart pleasing place. However, he never mentioned about the place to his folks so as to preserve the spiritual blessedness which is available here in abundance.


Thus, booking Gurgaon to Nainital taxi services not only take you to a land where deity resides, it also lets you go close to the most blessed sides of Mother Nature.


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