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The Modern Classroom: How iPad Helps in Teaching

by sinthee

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We have reached an age where kids can be more techie than most grown-ups. With this reality, gadgets like notebooks and tablets are employed not just for business or entertainment use. Now, these gadgets can aid us in teaching and studying.


Many might not approve of this digital way of teaching but many schools are now adopting the use of iPad as “the” classroom device to help students understand their lessons better. Teachers are taking advantage of this device and the various apps that go with in order to make learning more enjoyable and interactive.


Still not convinced? Here are some of the ways that the iPad can prove its usefulness in the classroom:


·         Show and Tell

The iPad can be used as your mini board for teaching. You can connect it to a projector or TV. With this handy tool, via wireless connection, you can walk around and interact with your students as you present your agenda for the day.


·         Play and Learn

With many apps to choose from, be it free or paid, these can help you to make learning more enjoyable for your students. Download sing-along apps for your music class, or doodle-makers for your arts class. You can even have quiz shows to determine how much your students have learned so far.


·         Share and Interact

The most basic thing that can be done with an iPad in the classroom is sharing files through cloud networks. You can create polls, questionnaires, or send tasks to your class via apps like Google Docs. At the same time, you can check their progress as they work and send your feedbacks right away.


·         Assess and Grade

If you think that only grades can be assessed through the iPad, then you are mistaken. With so many apps online, you can even manage the behavior of your students. There are apps that could gauge the noise level inside the classroom, pick random names for task assignment, award and take away points for behavior misconduct, and many more. You can have fun with your class as you show these apps to them so they’ll be reminded of how they should behave.


Aside from many apps, iPad parts and accessories are also abundant. The Apple store, Apple replacement parts and retail shops, and the internet can aid you in finding the best solutions for your teaching needs. Of course, this abundance of information is also a reason on why the iPad has been chosen as “the” classroom device for our generation.



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