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Print's dead? It's more than alive.

by anonymous

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In a world where digital pixels overpower print, it might just be better to take on a different approach. You'd stand out more if you actually design a flyer and have it passed around town. You might be thinking "that's crazy! How can that be?" Well to answer your question it's not crazy at all. While the Internet is a great tool, print is a necessary component of ad campaigns. Here are some advantages of print media over its counterpart in the digital world.

More Captivating - You will captivate more consumers with printed material, unlike the digital world in which consumers often skim through pages and only take in a percentage of what they see.

Realistic - When you print something it's physical, it's more important. Printed media is often kept around longer while ads and social media can disappear into cyberspace at a moments notice.

Credibility - Similar to being realistic, it's just something about print that makes things more legit. On the Internet there are so many ads that lead to spam and viruses that half the time people don't click through them. While all the while with print they wont get a virus from your flyer or ad in a magazine.

QR Codes - This is what intertwines print and digital if you think about, if you place a QR code on your prints. Who ever views them can scan it with a smart phone and "voila!" they don't actually have to look you up because your QR code just captivated their attention and made your website pop up on their phones browser.

Identity - Print media is one of the best forms of branding your identity and making your brand or company known. By applying a logo and using consistent aesthetics in your print ads you can become an established brand.

Reach your targets, ONLY - Placing an ad in specific publications can reach the specific audience that is reading those publications. Versus trying to target them online, where everything is more general.

Less Competition - With more companies and small businesses turning to the internet for their advertising needs, you have an advantage if you print your ads in a publication, it gives you more room to shine, makes you seem more original and legit versus those who decline the ad space next to yours.

With all that listed, you can now come to your senses and stop by your local print shop and see what your options are for some great print advertising. You can even search online as many print shops have transferred to the online market as well. I'm not saying don't advertise online, I'm saying find the balance between the two. Always remember that Print is where it all started, and that it is still more than alive in the advertising world.


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