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Data Recovery in Los Angeles CA for Insurance Companies

by rubybadcoe

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For the latest news on all things politics, business, sports, and entertainment, L.A. residents rely on The Los Angeles Times. A few years ago, however, the newspaper made headlines when its website was hacked; the alleged hacker is currently on trial and may face a 10-year prison sentence. The hacker was said to have appropriated log-in information to alter a news headline, an incident that the site administrators were, fortunately, quick to rectify.

Some companies, however, don't get so lucky. Insurance companies, for example, have to be on guard against hackers so that the information in their keeping doesn't get misused for fraudulent activities. Hacking incidents can also lead to massive data loss—a risk that Los Angeles CA data recovery experts can help manage.

Health insurance companies work closely with medical care providers whenever a patient seeks treatment or goes for a routine check-up. Thanks to insurance, a patient doesn't need to pay the health care provider directly for the treatment he requires. Instead, the bill gets sent directly to the health insurance provider.

For this reason, all health insurance companies must adhere to secure data sharing practices, particularly since they're dealing with patients' personal health information. All records must therefore be kept safe by limiting access only to authorized individuals. For instance, password-protected accounts with strictly defined access privileges can be set up.

In addition, all health insurance organizations with access to their plan holders' personal information are required under U.S. federal law to set up their own business continuity plans. This way, every patient can still retain access to the appropriate medical services they need even when the insurance company's system is down due to a power outage or hacking incident. Data recovery in Los Angeles CA is typically one aspect of a business continuity plan since it enables physicians to retrieve the patient's latest information.

Health insurance providers assure many Americans of quality medical care. As such, these companies must see to it that they have a business continuity plan in place that keeps valuable patient data safe and intact in any situation. For more information, visit

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