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Top 5 Databases to Rely on for your Enterprise Data

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Top 5 Databases to Rely on for your Enterprise Data


Most of the current databases have their origin in the mid or late 1970s. Hence, considering the time span for the existence of databases, it cannot be said that the database market has not yet become mature. An exploration of the present status reveals that the market is immensely competitive, and so far as enterprise database systems are concerned, we have products equipped with a range of features from high availability to hot backups. Some of these database systems are available free of cost and for some databases, the prices can be as high as thousands of dollars. The crucial matter to consider is that no single database system can handle all the problems related with data. Each database comes with its own benefits and shortcomings. Let us discuss the top 5 databases which need to be considered by any person or entity handling data and requiring a database server.


  • Oracle: This database system came into being in 1979 and was the earliest commercially obtainable RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). Since its inception, Oracle has come up with complex yet powerful database solutions which have proven record of uninterrupted data delivery. In short, performance and security are the two most significant qualities associated with Oracle databases. Some of the other crucial advantages associated with Oracle are the ability to perform every transaction in an isolated manner, durability of result, recycle bin option, capability of handling large sized data.


  • SQL Server: Convenience of use, availability and a well organized integration for Windows operating system makes SQL Server one of the best options for firms that make use of Microsoft products. Interestingly, SQL Server 2008 is considered by Microsoft as the most preferred platform for delivering solutions on business intelligence. With this database system, clients do not need to interact directly with the raw data tables but they are required to connect with an intelligent data manager over the server. In case there is some problem with the client machine, the underlying tables are not affected.


  • DB2: This database system is flexible enough to operate on UNIX, Linux, Mainframes and Windows and has also proved to be a very cost-effective option. The most striking feature of DB2 is that it enables clients to compress the database size for several kinds of data including indexes, row data, XML objects, temp tables and binary objects. This in turn enhances performance and efficiency of the disk.


  • Sybase: Enjoying around four decades of success, Sybase still continues to be a primary driver within the enterprise market. The increasing popularity of Sybase is triggered by its solutions delivered in partnership with the mobile device market. The major advantages of Sybase databases include capability of handling large query loads, intelligent query processing, quick aggregations and data comparisons, and enhanced productivity because of reduction in query time. In case of Sybase database system, the entire indexing and database occupy space lesser than that occupied by raw data.


  • MySQL: This database system started its journey as a niche product for developer and gradually became a major competitor so far as the enterprise database market is concerned. Presently, MySQL drives thousands of commercial websites as well as a plethora of internal applications of the enterprise. This database system can be used very conveniently and ensures extreme security for sensitive data. Other advantages of MySQL include speed, scalability, the capability of supporting a number of development interfaces and the ability to run on numerous operating systems.


There are a number of databases which currently exist in the enterprise marketplace, each with its own distinctive features. The five databases discussed here are recognized amongst the best bespoke database development technologies that the industry has produced and which are immensely reliable for enterprise data.

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