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Advantages and disadvantages of cross platform framework

by anonymous

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In the present era the demand of Smartphone apps grows rapidly with the every release of new Smartphone. Mobile app developers are inundated with demands to find sweet bridge of communication and design something that appeals both Android and iOS. Cross platform native mobile app development framework such as sencha touch, Appcelerator titanium, rho mobile gives best framework for the both words Android and iOS. First of all short discussion about why need of cross platform app development, before developers write code once for an application and if they want to run the same application on different platform they need to right the code again. They face a huge problem of fragmentation to overcome this problem new frame work introduce in mobile market the name was cross platform framework. With the arriving of this new framework developers can write single code for Smartphone apps and run same code on multiple platforms. But where some good things are available along with some bad things are also available. Below are some of the Advantages and disadvantages about cross platform development tools for mobile apps.


  • Deployment inverse proportion to cost:

This is a big advantage of cross platform mobile app development it cost based on deployment, the faster a developer can create apps, the less money it costs. If the developer use cross platform framework for multiple apps then they can create apps significantly faster. Because the code developer can be reuse the previous return code on either Android or iOS platforms. Since the code developer to work on both platform the translated piece of language is a good launching point as demand rises for a related app regardless of platform. This saves lot of cost because it allows mobile development firms to avoid investing in a development team for Android and iOS to create apps.

  • Easy access to API’s and plugins:

Cross platform framework offers easy access to plugins and tools like Appcelerator, Titanium, rho mobile PhoneGap development tools. Using a cross platform for multiple apps also include offering a common link to similar application programming interfaces such as camera, Geolocation, accelerometer. Instead one centralized code can be automatically modified for both iOS and Android platforms.  

  • Simple to use for web developers:

Tools are used on this framework are based on latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script. These technologies make it easily to understand and simple to use for the web developers because it is an updated version of HTML, CSS and JAVA language.


  • Supported features not be included in update

When a Smartphone iOS based company like Google, Apple includes new features, and then the framework being used will be needed update again. Given that the two languages are different, the communication “bridge” that the framework forms may not allow all pieces of information to pass.

  • Tools are restrictive:

This is the worst case scenario that framework are strict to the developers for using prescribed tools and suites limited to the software which inherently requires the user to ignore their preferences.    

  • Slower code and rendering time:

Especially since the user most likely won’t be able to use familiar tool then any compilation process have chance to be slower. Also a code render time will be longer because it has to churn out code for each platform.

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