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Outdoor Advertising- Much Scope of Innovation!

by oohspecialist

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Outdoor Advertising or OOH Advertising includes any form of promotion or branding through an out of home channel such as a billboard, poster, kiosk display, hoarding or wall painting. Outdoor Advertising is one of the traditional means of promoting a brand or business among customers. There is a wide scope of innovation for advertisers to promote any brand or business through OOH advertising media. An OOH Advertising display provides an uncluttered brand communication which is one of the striking reasons why many brand owners prefer this medium of advertising.


The manner of presenting a particular brand or business message through OOH media is different from the way other advertising mediums do. An outdoor advertising display provides a larger than life impact about the product or service on customers’ mind. Big, bright and bold presentation of the brand message ensures easy reach to target customers. Creativity is a major asset for an outdoor advertising agency. Creativity makes a brand advertisement stand out from its competitors. A creative OOH ad display is easily responded by customers.


It is also worth noting that an outdoor advertising display is always available for customers. This omnipresent nature of OOH Advertising is another major asset of promoting a brand or service through this very medium.  Outdoor Ad displays are seen at the traffic points, highways, community centers, shopping or cinema complexes etc.  A major shift has been observed in outdoor advertising field over the last years. Traditional tools of outdoor advertising are less used among outdoor advertisers. Digital revolution has brought a dramatic change in outdoor domain too. Modern outdoor advertisers make the most of digital technology to launch any type of promotion campaign through OOH media. LCD, LED displays, digital billboards, product displays, electronic kiosks, translits, bulletin boards etc. are some of the modern tools of outdoor advertising used among advertisers.

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