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The Different Faces Of Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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After quite some time of discerning whether to do it or not, you have finally come up with a decision. What happened is that you consulted the opinions of your significant others and you thought hard about the situation like how mature people do. The conclusion? You are more than ready to enter to your abortion clinic in Virginia, in Connecticut, in New Jersey or wherever fate may bring you. But before you take that leap, have you thought of what kind of abortion suits your condition best? Abortion, as you know it has different kinds.

There are two faces of abortion. Generally, we know them as spontaneous and induced. An accidental abortion is considered spontaneous. It is unplanned, unexpected and, most of the time, if it happens during the last trimester of one’s pregnancy, it is deemed tragic. Spontaneous abortion often times causes trauma. On the other hand, what we know as induced abortion is broad in nature. It means it is intentional--with or without the assistance of abortion clinic professionals. Under its wing are a variety of options women can choose from.

The condition of your pregnancy basically has a big influence on the choices you will make. The earlier you decide on having an abortion, the more options are available for you. As I always say to people who seek for my advice, time is an important factor when it comes to abortion. The later you decide on going in an abortion clinic, the more complicated the procedure will be. But that is perfectly the reason why medical help is essential. Induced abortion, when done alone could do harm not only to the fetus you carry in your womb, but also to you. It is more known as self-induced abortion.

Self-induced abortion is not advisable as it violates the ethical and medical standards of the procedure. Advocates of abortion have continually fought and debated for the legality of abortion mainly because they think of the general female public’s welfare in times of a critical situation like not wanting to have a baby. Moreover, they also take into consideration the would-be life of children whose parents aren’t ready for the parental obligations that come along with conceiving a baby. Instead of wasting time planning about self-induced abortion, it is better to visit an abortion clinic near you.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you lose nothing when you enter an abortion clinic. You get to see medical professionals to assist you in your needs. You also get to talk to counselors who will listen to your cries when your heart--believe me, sometimes this happens--bleed. All in all, it’ll be a relieving experience having to meet people that you need the most in, probably, the most critical situation you will ever experience. It will widen your options to the different types of abortion. You become aware. You become more involved. You become more at ease.

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