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Treatment Rehabilitation is Not Just for Drugs

by anonymous

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Despite the popularity among celebrities to attend rehab multiple times in their life, there is still a sense of shame connected to the task of asking for outside help in recovering from an addiction. Treatment rehabilitation is an important factor in helping anyone recover from severe drug or alcohol abuse.  

With alcohol, one may not be able to quit suddenly without the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal causing much pain and frustration. Detoxification (commonly known as detox) is the process of helping a person recover from their physical dependency on alcohol. It could take as long as a year of abstinence for a persons cognitive functioning to become normal again. Drugs like benzodiazepines can help a person past the withdrawal stages, but after that, it is a system of therapy and will that helps alcoholics fully recover.

Alcoholism might be one of the most harmful addictions out there because of its availability and societal acceptance, but it is not the most dangerous. Heroin is the term used for the illegally produced and sold drug, diamorphine. Treatment rehabilitation for dependence on this drug can be long, hard, and painful. Recovery has become such a large problem that some metropolitan areas like Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, British Columbia, have instituted safe injection sites, wherein addicts and recovering users may go to safely shoot up or score some of it to get by. Withdrawal symptoms for heroin users are painful and disturbing. Recovering addicts need societal help and support to get past this demon. 

Heroin is easy to become addicted to as it, apparently, feels so good and tolerance increases fast. However, the most addictive drug in our society is nicotine. It is scientifically proven that nicotine is far more addictive than heroin, yet cigarettes are readily sold to anyone of the legal age. Tobacco causes more deaths per year than heroin and cocaine combined, yet treatment rehabilitation from tobacco use is harder to find than an AA meeting. Cigarette use has reached such levels that a few provincial governments in Canada have started a class-action lawsuit against tobacco companies.

Treatment rehabilitation is only the first step in a long process of recovery. It takes a lot of willpower and support to overcome extreme addictions like the above three. Alcoholics Anonymous was created in 1935, two years after alcohol prohibition in the United States ended. Safe injection sites have only begun recently, in the past two decades, in various countries across the world. Therapy for heroin users includes regular doses of it to help the addicted recover without dying from withdrawal. For cigarette users, there are a host of medications and therapies available, but fewer support groups and societal structures like those for heroin and cocaine users. To overcome the demons of addiction, one first has to recognize that it will not be easy, yet it will be the most fruitful decision one could ever make. For cigarette smokers, it may mean living long enough to see their children marry. For heroin users, it may mean coming back to life after a long, dark and violent past.

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