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How to identify the best bets with the ultimate football

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The betting system about which we are going to explain here is based on the fact that there are some teams which are more consistently predictable than other teams and there are not like that these are necessarily better or worse teams than others and they are just well suited to gambling and the selection of the team for gambling on the basis that team should give continuously produce results and by applying this system got more better results in comparison to bookmakers predictions and it is away value money betting because the value for money is all important and if you are not getting good odds on bets it means you don’t have good bad it is a bad bet and might be you will break eventually and your game enjoyment will be spoil and system which we are describing here are very simple to understand .

Identify the best bet

Some teams are in higher level and region for that over several years these teams performances were given results due to that these are in the top ten results means in this system teams will be selected according to their performance and the second region is here bookies are over generous with the odds offered on these correct score bets and these are the only teams which are used with this system.

Rules to identify teams

First identify those teams which are playing at home or away as required but coming in the top ten results and eliminate all the teams which are giving lower odds which you have required and were in your odd list and keep remember that if you are eliminating any team means you are you are using wrong bookie and bet on the scores of the selected matches which are listed. Here now days are using value bets and the region behind this is value bets are giving better results in comparison to the odds offer system by the bookies and due to more chances of success people are trying to use value bets only and always you will find that most odds are overestimated by at least one or two points and this difference is showing profit margin between value odds and actual odds .

Staking systems

When you have identified teams which you have you make bets and you are going to bet on those teams so their number of systems available which you can use in order to maximize your profits and if you have an available favorite staking system so you can obviously use that system such as level stakes, betting multiplies, big bets in all these three subparts you can use one partor can use all three parts and you can also use season series also it is also good.

Season series

Season series looks something complicated but it follows correctly and youcan get guaranteed with this system that you can produce whatever amount of profit which you want I am going to explain here this system with a simple example. First decide that how much amount you want to get as a profit and according to this amount you should afford to stake and now use the odds offered to calculate stake and make a bet on the stake and by this way you can make a bet easily.

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