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5 Cool Adventure Gift Ideas

by pakistangift

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If you want to be really remembered, stop worrying if the gift will be liked. Just go ahead and pick something really exciting. I can assure you that even if the person does not like the present itself, you will be memorized for your original ideas.I’ll help you with five great gift ideas. You can start from them and add a lot more on your own.


An “off the track” journey

If you can afford it and you are really close with the other person, this is one of the greatest presents you could ever make. An “off the track” journey means a travel outside of the typical touristic places. Think Pakistan, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Africa, Kazakhstan… All the places which don’t offer that many typical touristic attractions are not as widely known offer much greater magic for their visitors.


Don’t worry if your person is not much of a traveller. That would be because all he or she knows is to go to the touristic destinations. If your friend or relative can afford the time for the journey, go ahead and prepare your gift!


A safari

I admit, a safari is not that uncommon, but have you ever been at one? Have you ever gifted one? A safari in Africa leaves a life long memories. It’s less adventuring in the sense that the touristic agencies will ensure the full comfort and security of the person you are sending to them. So there is absolutely no reason to worry about dangers in Africa. If you can afford it, don’t miss to give such a life changing adventure.

Note: I am talking about Safari which involves only shooting pictures of animals. Don’t ever think about sending people to safaris which involve killing animals!


A paraglider flight

Now this is something for real adventurists and it even does not cost much. You can purchase a guided flight with a paraglider for just a hundred bucks and ensure your loved one will experience one of the greatest thing in their life.

What about safety? If you feel fine to drive a car with that person inside, then you should not have any worries about gifting them a paraglider flight. Because the stats show that paragliding is safer than driving a car! That’s even more valid when it comes about a guided flight.


An exciting trek
This is clearly not a gift for everyone. The receiver of such a gift should be in above average physical condition. Even the lightest trekking journey will not be appropriate for a 55 old woman for example, unless she is experienced in that.

When picking a trek as a gift, be careful about the highest attitude that is going to be climbed, as some people will feel very uncomfortable on more than 3000 meters. Also, don’t forget good treks require a lot of time for acclimatization and travel so your person may need to have a lot of free time.


A model airplane kit

Since a trekking is very adventure gift that only few people will enjoy, I want to finish with something that almost everyone will like. Have you tried to create model airplanes as a kid? If you have done that more than 10 years ago you know how hard it was to find plans and parts for good model airplanes. Now the things have changed and you can find ready kits and plans online which make building a model aircraft just a fun.If you choose a model aircraft kit as a present you are not just gifting a cool item – you are gifting your loved ones the experience to build this item themselves. This leaves them with great


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