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Why it makes Sense to Buy Designer Radiators

by radiatorsdirect

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If you are looking to buy a new radiator, then you have probably already noticed how popular designer radiators have become. They feature on all of the main radiator-supplier websites, and are at the forefront of the radiator sections in our local DIY stores. You may assume that the country has become overly concerned with appearance, but actually, there are far more reasons why they are so popular, besides the fact that they look great. Below, we will describe some of the other advantages to buying designer radiators – then, when your friends come around and accuse you of being overly concerned with your décor, you can come back with a practical reason why designer radiators are better than traditional radiators.



Designer radiators often have a much better quality than traditional styles of wardrobe. This is because the designer radiator is relatively niche and it needs to secure its place on the market. They have to create exceptionally robust and well-built models in order to compete with traditional radiators, and in order to avoid the reputation of being simply ‘kitsch’ manufacturers. For this reason, they go beyond the specification of most radiators, offering their customers added extras, such as thermostats. They also want to make sure that they attract a higher class of customer, and one way in which they do this is by producing superior products.


Heat Output

Closely associated with the above, the manufacturers of designer radiators, such as Zehnder radiators, ensure that their radiators do the job that is intended: namely, to provide heat. They ensure that their radiators work efficiently, and that they create adequate levels of heat while using the least amount of energy. This helps to keep energy bills to a minimum.


Of course, designer radiators are also about looking good. We cannot convey to you the exceptional nature of these types of radiators. You have to see it for yourself; you can browse a fantastic collection of radiators, including Zehnder radiators, now at

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