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Create a 100% dust free home with microfiber mop

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If you have been using old rags to clean your home, then it is the right time that you try the revolutionary cleaning technology embedded in the microfiber mop. Microfiber is a type of synthetic fiber which consists of two fibers. These are polyester and polyamide. The strands are interwoven together and the ends are split so that there are tiny hook like things at the end of each strand. This system makes for amazingly effective cleaning and it absorbs 99% of all the dust and germ that are infecting the surface that you want to clean. There are about 90000 fibers in every square inch of microfiber. This allows you to understand how clean the surface can become.

You can buy a set of microfiber cloths in different colors. Then you can designate a different color cloth for a particular room or a particular task so that your cleaning system remains efficient.

Microfiber cloths have become the most popular agents of cleaning because of the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, these are extremely efficient in picking up dirt, dust, lint and germs.
  • When you clean using these mops and cloths, no streaks or marks are left behind. You get a truly clean surface. This is because the fiber actually gets under the dirt particle and lifts it up, leaving no streaks behind.
  • This is a sort of hypoallergenic material. So, they are great for use in home where a member is allergic or there are pets or small children.
  • These mops can be used safely on all types of surfaces.
  • It is easy to maintain these cloths as well. You can wash them easily and they dry very quickly. This makes them extremely easy to use for any kind of surface.
  • These are one of the most economic options for cleaning in today’s market. Unlike the rags, they work much better and even last longer and they pick up dirt with greater efficiency.

You must know thatthe microfiber mops can be used both for dry and wet cleaning. If you need to use a cleaning agent, you can dilute it with water and then pick it up with the mop and apply it. These mops work particularly well on the wooden floors or veneers and ply board on the mantle. They can pick up the dirt that would otherwise stick to the surface. Since they work efficiently even when they are dry, microfibers are recommended to clean the wooden surfaces which should never be cleaned with too much water at any time.

Wet mopping can also be done efficiently by the use of these mops. If you use just clean water, the efficiency of the mop is such that it removes all the dirt with ease. This means you can eliminate or vastly reduce the use of all kinds of potentially toxic cleaners and bleach in your house to keep the floor neat and clean.

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