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three Essentials Of Marketing Web sites

by yerchaisseldtia

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Advertising is a area that is dominating today’s industry. It would not be incorrect to conclude that business globe is based upon the purchasing & marketing of vivid products & services. Even, the internet is mingled with advertising area. One has to make lots of efforts if one has to sell websites, forums, blogs or simple articles.

But, what one can do to promote its sell of sites? By the way website, here, will include forums, blogs, communities, social networks & others. Few major tips from the experts will make much difference in marketing practices of a novice & the one who has read this. Right! So, let’s have a look over few essential tips.

Record of Money Making

This is really a most important factor which one should consider before marketing the internet sites. One will never buy sites which are not making significant amount of money. It might be better to raise your revenue to a noticeable extent. Also, it is better to have record of past six months or so. This will enable you to show proof for your revenue. Another important point is to make your revenue stable & let it reflect in the record file.

Example - If your website is making $10 per month, it could be bad idea to sell it. Instead, raise your revenue to at least $ 300 per month. Also, make sure that your traffic is stable & giving you steady income for past 5 - 6 months.

Analytics Data

Experts suggest that it might be better to have an analytical data from a trusted source, like Google. M

Many buyers look for Google reports for all the revenue & traffic records. As stated above, make sure that you have data for at least past six months. This is because many companies take into account the period of six months for calculating their profit.

Example - Imagine, if you earn your revenue though Google AdSense, it will be better to have a report on your local system along with online records for traffic & revenue data from past months. Try to include a PDF file with proper digital signature.

Search for Right Place

It might not make any sense if you try to sell your web sites on a non commercial organization forum. In other words, you have to fund a best place in order to make sell. The very first thing for this is to grab targeted traffic to your blog. Generating back links where to sell sites will help your to fetch more potential customer. However, the places where you post back links also matters.

Example - If you want to sale management website, it will be good to generate back links at management forums.

Once you fulfill all the conditions & grab potential buyers, the probability of getting true value off sites increases many folds. However, one has to be alert about ranking, trust rating of website.


Also, one has to keep updated info about places where buy internet sites, forums & blogs. This will help buy websites grab buyers with higher potential probabilities.

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