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Secure Wordpress Site

by anonymous

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Most of the users want to create a website without any hardwork or programming on any content like, Love quotes, chat room, free sms and more other contents . It's due to don't have information about website developing and designing but if you know about developing and designing then don't create a website with public script like joomla, wordpress and others. Public script website can hacked easily so avoid to installed them as you can do. Today wordpress script is most famous and useable script due to his great features and user friendly. But this script can be hacked easily by proffesional hackers, beginner hacker can't hack it easily. If you have a wordpress website you must need to secure that with the following steps.

1. Use Security Pluings:

Wordpress developers trying secure wordpress script so they have developed some security plugins that can help you to secure your website easily. Use security plugins like Wp Better Security, Bullet Proof Security and other if available. Given plugins are most useable and good plugins to secure wordpress Website. I also using wp better security plugin on my wordpress website. If you are trying to use other plugin then please read reviews and information about that plugin.

2. Remove Unuseable Plugins:

Some unuseable plugins can be cause in hacking website so, remove the plugins that you are not using. Because if you are not using a plugin you will not take interest on that plugin and if plugin need to update you will not get information about updating. Un updated plugins is other way to hack a website easily. I get this experience on my chat room site.

3. Remove Aditional Information:

Some hacker get complete information about website if they can do that then victim website easily get hacked. So to avoid hacking on your website remove additional information from your header like < meta . You can remove other meta tages that not important to run or optimize a website. Also remove unwanted footer links from your wordpress site. Security plugins can remove these information automatically but if not then remove manually.

4. Secure Passwords:

Use always secured password on your administrator or other accounts. Don't use simple password like your name, mobile number, bike number, date of birth and other general information. Because these information can be get from your any profile info and from other way. Use Alpha, numeric and symbolic password like My38%$ etc. Keep in mind don't use any difficult password also that you can forget easily or you have use in any other like pakistani chat rooms ^^^^

5. Secure Database:

You should also secure your database because complete data store in your database so if your database not secured then your website can hacked easily. To secure your database use updated version of databse or use a secure username and password of database. ^^^^ 6. Remove Vanuribilities: In past days my send free sms website was tried to hack, hackers try to find vanurabilities on a website to hack, because its easily way to hack a wordpress website. Vanurabiles are like this index.php?id=3 etc such urls. You need to remove or change it to others url to secure your wordpress site.

7. Unwriteable Files:

Take a protection on main files like wp-config.php, .htacces and others. You should add unwriteable permission to that files. Nobody can edit these files even you also from cpanel. If you want to edit that files you need download and then edit, save and again upload to cpanel. By using security plugins you never need manually add unwriteable permission on important files because on my funny sms its was get automatically. But if you are not using security plugings you need to do it manually.

8. Secure Upload Folder:

Other thing to secure your wordpress website is add permission on uploads folder that is in wp-content. You should add .htaccess file in uploads folder with these lines.

# secure uploads directory
<Files ~ ".*\..*">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from all
<FilesMatch "\.(jpg|jpeg|jpe|gif|png|tif|tiff)$">
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

9. Updated Plugins & Wordpress:

Update your plugins and wordpress script when latest version available. Un updated plugins and wordpress easily can hacked because when hackers know about wordpress process or working completely new version if not availbe of updated then your website get hacked by simply way.

10. Use Secured Hosting:

If by using all given steps your website hacked again then change your web hosting because some hackers upload files on server and run a script that is general and easy way to hack a website that connect with database. Its mean if your and hacker website is on same server then hacker will upload some script on his cpanel after excuting that script(shell) he can get your databse password easily and then can hack your website easily. Use secure hosting if not available you need VPS hosting.

11. Daily Backup:

Download daily base backup of your website because if your site hacked then you need to upload backup to get your old website and after that don't say just life quotes.. If you don't have backup your all work can lost. So take daily base backup of your website. Database backup and wp-content folder are most important thing that must be have to save a website.

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