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With ever increasing traffic and lowering average speeds across cities and towns, more and more customers are looking at automatic options as the best bet for cutting down on driver fatigue. Infact, reduced driving pressure does lead to extra productivity at work and further, automatics are a boon for the fair sex and the elderly. This is the reason also why more manufacturers are now offering relatively affordable automatics options in the market with the Honda Amaze being the latest launch.

Contrary to myths of automatic cars being expensive to own, the Indian automotive industry today offers no less than fourteen automatic models from various manufacturers with a starting ex-showroom price of less than Rs 10 lac. The hatchback offerings further make these automatics relatively more affordable for the masses. While the A-Star from Maruti carries a price tag of Rs 4.66 lac, the Volkswagen Vento is the most expensive automatic model with a price tag starting from Rs 9.8 lac, both prices being ex-showroom.

With typical average speeds coming down as low as 10-15km/h during rush hour traffic, it makes sense to invest into an automatic hatchback which not only frees up the driver’s mind from constant gear changes, it reduces both mental and physical fatigue as well. As far as fuel economy is concerned, for a typical 1000km monthly run, the extra money spent on an automatic will be less than a thousand bucks, a small price to pay for ease of driving. However, sedans like the Scala and Fiesta make use of advanced transmissions, thereby keeping the fuel economy same as their manual counterparts.

Of the total fourteen models, six are hatchbacks and eight are sedans. Interestingly, one model is electric, while of the rest, only the Verna comes with a diesel option but with an ex-showroom price of just above Rs 10 lac. Here is a summary of the thirteen models, sorted by price:


  1. Maruti A-Star : Hatchback
    Price range: Rs 4.66 lac
    Engine: 998cc, 68PS, 90Nm
    Gears: 4
  2. Hyundai i10: Hatchback
    Price Range:  Rs 5.29 – Rs 6.25 lac
    Engine: 1197cc, 80PS, 111Nm
    Gears: 4
  3. Honda Brio: Hatchback
    Price Range: Rs 5.84 – Rs 6.09 lac
    Engine: 1198cc, 88PS, 109Nm
    Gears: 5
  4. Mahindra E20: Hatchback
    Price Range: Rs 5.95 – Rs 6.24 lac
    Engine: Electric
    Gears: CVT
  5. Maruti Ritz: Hatchback
    Price Range:  Rs 6.19 lac
    Engine: 1197cc, 87PS, 113Nm
    Gears: 4
  6. Honda Amaze: Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 6.62 – Rs 7.50 lac
    Engine: 1198cc, 88PS, 109Nm
    Gears: 5
  7. Maruti Dzire: Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 6.74 lac
    Engine: 1197cc, 87PS, 114Nm
    Gears: 4
  8. Hyundai i20: Hatchback
    Price Range:  Rs 7.87 lac
    Engine: 1396cc, 100PS, 136Nm
    Gears: 4
  9. Skoda Rapid: Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 8.74 – Rs 9.38 lac
    Engine: 1598cc, 105PS, 153Nm
    Gears: 6
  10. Hyundai Verna: Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 8.88 – Rs 11.38 lac
    Engine: 1591cc, 123PS, 155Nm (petrol) / 1582cc, 128PS, 265Nm (diesel)
    Gears: 4 / 4
  11. Renault Scala: Sedan
    Price Range: Rs 8.99 – Rs 9.89 lac
    Engine: 1498cc, 99PS, 134Nm
    Gears: CVT


  1. Ford Fiesta: Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 9.28 – Rs 10.0 lac
    Engine: 1499cc, 108PS, 140Nm
    Gears: 6
  2. Honda City:Sedan
    Price Range: Rs 9.25  - Rs 10.62 lac
    Engine: 1497cc, 118PS, 146Nm
    Gears: 5
  3. Volkswagen Vento:Sedan
    Price Range:  Rs 9.83 lac
    Engine: 1598cc, 105PS, 153Nm
    Gears: 6


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