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Before You Head for Liposuction

by anonymous

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Liposuction surgery is a common term to the public today, and it is perhaps one of the world’s most frequently used forms of cosmetic surgery. In India, the society in general did not have much exposure to such cosmetic forms of body toning, and much of these procedures were shrouded in myth, and somewhat taboo. The few people who would go for such special surgical cures would keep them as a closely guarded secret to avoid any awkwardness. Today, however, the public is much more aware, and by far more casual about the issues pertaining to liposuction and such surgical weight reduction.

The science of liposuction surgery is not based on weight reduction as much as it is about far removal. We all have an equal number of fat cells in our body, and the difference is in the volume. An obese or overweight person has larger fat cells which are filled with a higher quantity of fluids and fatty oils, while a slim or thin person has deflated, dry fat cells. Liposuction intends to permanently remove the fat cells, and thus is a permanent form of loss of inches. However, it is meant to be followed up by careful lifestyle and dietary changes if you are to reap any actual benefits from it.

In India, diet is a major drawback. Most of urban India has very poor eating habits with plenty of spicy and fried foods as a part of the regular diet. Even home cooked meals are often way rich for people who are not supposed to eat fatty foods. Obesity is often a congenital disorder, and control is the only way to be safe. No matter how far an obesity patient tries to exercise, they never seem to lose weight in proportion to their efforts. Often, they are not even healthy enough to exercise properly. This is where liposuction surgery often becomes a necessary operation to save his or her life.

A liposuction session lasts between an hour or a few, but there is a long term recovery and caution period. Pre surgery and post surgery lifestyle and diet changes are the most important factors to see your surgery bear worthy results. Do not take this as a quick way to lose fat without efforts – there is no magical cure to being overweight. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and cosmetic surgeons can only help you a bit of the way with medical procedures like liposuction.

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