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How do Designers Make Money via Portfolio Website

by pixpadesign

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Portfolio websites are among the highest earning strategies online these days. If you are a web designer, you can tell by the look of things how personal and business websites are mushrooming and competing for online presence. All these can be attributed to the good work that technology has done to business marketing.  For every website to be ranked highly and have a higher traffic there must be something unique with it. Apart from the quality of the content published on such websites, an online portfolio that describes the business together with what it deals with is very important.

You want to increase your online presence? Opening up a portfolio site for your business is the least you can do. Website designers can tell you that a portfolio speaks for your business in general. This is what many people go through to determine exactly what your dealings are. Just from a portfolio, you can be sure to get a lot of traffic flowing to your website to check out on your products and services and who knows they may turn out to become real customers? An online portfolio, therefore, comprises the following major components to sell your business online and attract more customers that will bring in more revenue for your company.

• Logo design

A business logo is one of the unique ways to differentiate you from the rest of the industry. A good logo design will therefore attract people who will at the end familiarize themselves with the business. By so doing you can be able to transform most of your online visitors into buyers.

• Banner design

This is another crucial component of a portfolio website that passes information to the target market from time to time. Banners that are well designed to attract the attention of online visitors who at the end wish to know more about your business. Traffic increment at the end turns into buyers who generate more income to the business.

• Product descriptions and images

Most of the times, online visitors wish to dig deeper into a product after seeing an image and a short description about the product. This therefore means that a simple but engaging description should be part of your portfolio website to tell the target market more about your business.


What people see means a lot in interpreting the content of your website? With unique and varied graphics across different market segments, your business websites are likely to have a head start into online presence and marketing.

• Client list

This is a list of clients that have managed to make purchases via your business website. The more the customer list is, the more likely you are going to get yet more customers. These are some of the crucial things customers consider before they buy from your online business. The clients usually give feedbacks on your services and this is inevitable to attract people into appreciating your tendency to follow the stipulated timelines.

Online money comes from what you present to your clients. Therefore make sure your portfolio website comprises of the components discussed and you will witness the difference. If you are a website designer, it is true that you now know what your clients are looking for. Capitalize on that and be able to make as much as you can online. Cheers!

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