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Promoting Brand Presence with Parking Signs for Your Toronto

by clintonhurlburt

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Ontario was tagged as the 12th most competitive city on the planet based upon the research done by Citigroup. If you are planning to start a business in such an aggressive location, it is important to have a solid corporate branding tactic. Business branding pertains to the procedure of incorporating your company's name to an item.

Examples of branding include giving away promotional goods such as pens with your business logo on it. It can also be something as easy as putting your logo in parking signs for your establishment. There are companies that specialize in printing personalized parking signs in Toronto.

Getting a business to make a customized parking sign is advantageous for many reasons. Consumers can become familiar with your label if they see it in a familiar place such as a parking sign in your store. On some level, putting your brand name out there can develop brand recognition.

Putting your logo on a parking sign also gives them the message that this is a good store to go to. In a way, placing your logo on a parking sign may be looked at as a form of surrogate marketing. Surrogate marketing refers to a type of marketing where the brand name or product message is put in another advertisement. For instance, a business may run a public service announcement that prominently presents their items.

People look at parking signs and other signage all the time. They can know if this parking is available or if this way is exit only. Your logo practically acts like a pal who points them to the right way. It can even make them feel more welcome; for example, if you put a sign that says the "parking is reserved for clients of (name of your company)," in some manner, it creates the feeling that they are valuable (which they are, undoubtedly).

Business branding is an essential part of any business, which is why you have to speak with companies that specialize in parking signs or stickers in Toronto. By putting your corporate logo on advertising product or outdoor signs, you just might be able to subliminally present your brand to people. If you wish to find out more about business branding as well as surrogate marketing, visit and


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