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Sealed Switch and Industrial Trackballs with Industry Specs

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Sealed Switch can help in controlling heavy machinery for industrial purposes. The design and make of these switches is truly exceptional and different from the rest. Several brands crowd the industry with their products and services that can perform exquisitely. Industrial trackballs help in operating heavy machinery, with its advanced controlling features, the user can perform exceptional tasks with less optimization of energy and resources.

This article provides detailed information about Sealed Switches and industrial trackballs, find their entire working specs that can prove beneficial in the long run for industrial machinery functioning. As mentioned, several brands have their products for sale, customize this product according to your needs and requirements, and implement them in your work process for an efficient and precision output.

Sealed Switch Specs:

1) Electrical Power 5VDC, limit current to < 10mA.

Recommend at 5VDC, < 1mA.

2) Environmental Operating Temperature -40ºC to 80º C (standard)

Storage Temperature -40ºC to 80º C

Relative Humidity 100% non-condensing (with "Z" option)

3) Sealing & Protection Water Tight NEMA 4 (IP66)

Protection Syn-Proof™ coating resists most oils and harsh chemicals Optional Parylene® coating available

4) Reliability

MTBF Greater than 100,000 hours


PCB at recommended power level is 10,000,000+ activations

Syn-Proof™ coated Elastomer is up to 10,000,000 activations

Parylene coated Elastomer is 10,000,000+ activations

Keys Sealed "Hard" gold plated switch contacts

5) Shock Peak Value 50g

Pulse Duration 11 ms

Waveform Half Sine

6) Vibration Frequency Displacement (inches)

5 - 25 Hz 0.1

25 - 55 Hz 0.03

7) Certifications/Compliance Compliant with FCC class A and B regulations

"CE" classification option requires the following modifications:

Shielded enclosure and shielded cable (made by customer)

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS Compliant (Pb free)

ESD rated to 15KV

Industrial Trackball specs:


Operating: Up to 40,000 ft with conformal coating option

Horizontal Mounting: Recommended 0° to 30° Maximum (with Vibration Dampening Material)

Humidity: reliable operation from 0 to 95% relative humidity.

Trackball and Switch Assemblies sealed to NEMA 12 (IP54), for indoor use.

Temperature Ratings:

(Operational) Operating Temperature 0º to 70º C

Operating Temperature (Optional): -25º to 80º C

Operating Temperature (Optional): -40º to 80º C (Typical Military & Aerospace Applications)

Storage Temperature: -40º to 80º C


Micro etched metal encoder wheels allow for greater resolution than possible with plastic

Precision instrument grade, shielded, bearings (ABEC Grade 7), rated @ 20 years continuous rolling life

No rubber or foam on rollers, no cleaning of shaft required

Precision ground and hardened stainless steel shaft

Precision ground ball to ± .002” tolerance

Formed Teflon sealing ring in an aluminum housing cleanable with alcohol

Photo Detectors:

Redundant photo detectors for each axis

Not sensitive to LED fading

Guarantees longest reliability beyond 10 years without the need for re-calibration


MTBF (Mean Time between Failures): greater than 100,000 hours per MIL-HDBK-217F

Power Requirements:

+5VDC supply

Max. 40mA @ 5V OEM version without Interface PCB

Max. 70mA @ 5V OEM version with Interface PCB


Meets FCC Class A

Meets CE Requirements

ESD rated to 15KV


Low temperature operation

Vibration Dampening Material – Silicone based

Conformal coating of PCB

Microprocessor interface PCB

RoHS – Special Order

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