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Trust Precision Plus Floor Plans for Building Measurement

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The building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has created the proper standard for measuring the space. By doing so, firstly the business owner can determine how much the rental /lease would cost and secondly, the future commercial office tenant can ensure that there will be plenty of room to accommodate all employees and carry out the business in an efficient manner. You can ensure that your future rental is the perfect one for your needs by using the BOMA standards for measuring the space.

Precision Plus Floor Plans Inc is an architectural services company specializing in measuring existing buildings using laser Technology and as built floor plans to BOMA standards or to a specific lease agreement provided by the client. We measure commercial, industrial, retail, medical and residential buildings from a single unit, several units to an entire building. We have recently launched an advanced building survey technology to measure and survey existing buildings condition and generate as built drawings, as built elevations, floor plans right on site. This new technology will enhance the accuracy of usable and rentable area calculation. Rentable area calculation is one of the most important elements in leasing and commercial real estate industry.

We have several years of experience in measuring existing buildings and also provide cost-effective services to our clients. Not only this, we are also in constant search for the latest measuring technology to serve our clients better. We have a team of professionals who are well trained and extremely skilled who will measure every corner accessible of your existing building using the most advanced laser technology combined with mobile CAD system. We provide very fast and high accuracy floor plans. Our finished floor plans are detailed and accurate.

To know more information about our services, please visit our website- We use the latest technology for building measurement and Customer satisfaction is our first priority

Precision Plus Floor Plans Inc.
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