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Advantages of Creating Online Portfolio Over Copy Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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What is an online portfolio?
A digital presence on electronic media showcasing the most valued features of a concern is called an online or e-portfolio. A hard copy of the same takes the form of brochures, prospectuses and catalogues of various kinds. But that is not enough today. There is a virtual world spread over the ether. It has changed every tradition of the past. The E-portfolio has become an important business norm today. It is a platform to expose the capabilities of a concern. It is a virtual sketch created by a firm or an individual for its online visibility. It will contain text, multimedia, graphics, blogs and any other electronic device available to multiply the visibility. The online portfolio is the showcase of an entity.

The purpose and Range
The purpose of an e-portfolio can range from display of possibilities a concern offers to enhance visibility to potential clients for appraisal. This online identity is a kind of self exposure in the best possible terms. There is a marked change in the reasons people use the web today. It is no more a digital place to browse fun items. Its character as well as usage is changing.  There is an exponential growth in the use of online profiles of products and the people behind them. The digital world has become a marketplace. A lot of tools are also available today to create a professional portfolio.

Who needs it the most?
An online portfolio makes the good aspects of a firm visible at the click of a button. Therefore, all those concerns that provide visual goods and services need an online presence. Businesses like event managers; banquet-hall services; special-skill service providers; photographers- both the still and video format; furniture houses; furniture designers; interior decorators; art and artefact sellers; electronic media designers; web site developers and all those who need to actively solicit business.

Advantages of e-portfolio
• Branding: An online portfolio is supported by the visual signature of the work in the form of images and explanations. It helps in self branding. The web is a market place. The brand that succeeds is the brand that is visible.

• Good visuals attract immediately: Professional appeal is crucial for attracting a client. It is really necessary to look skilful and professional. The online portfolio has an edge here compared to the hard copy visibility. Such visuals must exude professional appeal to clients. This online showcasing of the skills and capabilities of the exhibit is made through expert- portfolio- development. The professional touch gives such a first impression that is immediately enticing.

• Dynamic and real time: An online portfolio by its very nature is dynamic. It gives a chance to real time management of the content. This keeps the information up-to-date and live.

• Fewer errors than hardcopy: The comparative benefits of no error and lapses of format, labels and headings, paragraphing, precision, attractive typography, graphics and designs, multimedia backed by other visuals are some of the advantages of online portfolios.

After reading all these advantages of online portfolios, it is clear that to succeed in today's competitive world, it is very important to have online presence that is possible with online portfolios. Gone are the days of hard copies portfolios.

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