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CFL Light Bulbs- A Step Ahead

by Ledgreenland

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There is a gradual improvement in the lightning system and the lighting product from the time the light was invented. Firstly the bulbs capacity was made short, then they reduced the watts and they introduced CFL Light bulbs to give more light. CFL light bulbs emit more light when compared with the other bulbs available. It uses Compact fluorescent to produce the light and its preferred mostly by many peoples.

But LED Greenland has introduced LED Watts Light Bulb which is almost similar to CFL Light Bulbs in lightning and has many additional facts with it. As LED Greenland does not use mercury this bulb make it “Green”. They promise for a life time of minimum 25000 hours however it depends on the range and the specification that we select. Though LED watts Light Bulb has very good lifetime when compared with CFL light bulbs. Led Watts Light Bulb can with stand up to 4000 Kelvin giving another tough competition for CFL light bulbs. With so many advantages it looks costly but the cost is almost equal to the CFL Light bulbs and it could be easily purchased through Amazon.

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