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An Offshore corporation

by twologix

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An offshore corporation is the one chartered under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction also called haven. It does not engage in active business within the foreign jurisdiction. The purpose of this corporation is mostly tax advantages, privacy, easy and low cost management as well as asset management.  Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Island, Anguilla and Panama are famous jurisdictions for offshore corporations.

Incorporating an offshore corporation is a step towards portfolio diversification. One lesson that recession has taught the hard way is about not keeping all eggs in one basket. Diversifying the assets portfolio minimizes the risk of losing. This is also your wall of defense against government freezes and confiscations.

Offshore corporations provide;

1      Asset protection because assets are in foreign land and thus out of many legal suit and also free from any government interference.

2      Lawsuit protection. Many lawyers locate your assets using your name, since your name is not referenced in the offshore corporation. However, you have to use a reliable offshore services provider like 3dFormation for your business so that you are not taken by surprise for any laws and also that you are not scammed. 3dFormation handles the most minor details with professionalism and accuracy.

3      Tax reductions. The popular offshore jurisdictions have lower tax rates or zero tax rates. This is the most economical way to save taxes legally.

4      Simplicity. Establishing and managing an offshore corporation is far simpler than in onshore corporations. Since the business is not active in the offshore jurisdiction, the details required are not very extensive.

5      Anonymity. Details about shareholders, stakeholders, directors, members of boards and other related personnel are not declared. If in any case the details are needed, they are very sparse.

The key to gain all the above mentioned benefits is making right decisions and informed decisions. You have to make sure that you select the most suitable offshore jurisdiction or tax haven for your business needs. You need to be informed about the ins and outs of the offshore jurisdictions’ laws and regulations. Also, the track history of the offshore economy helps to determine the predictability and stability of economy. The political situation has to be taken in consideration so that you know well in advance if a power setup change, coupe or any other jolt is coming.

Contact 3dFormation for the best advice and reliable professional services for offshore corporations, offshore banking and offshore registration. 3dformation Limited  provides services to Offshore companies in the Seychelles, Mauritius, Belize,  Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands and few more.

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