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What to Look for in House Painters in Columbus

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House painting job comes with some inherent risk factors. Professional house painters Columbus adopt necessary safety measures to avoid untoward incidences in course of a painting project. Here are mentioned some of the basic safety tips that good house painters in any part of the world follow:

Painting jobs cannot be completed without a ladder. Ladder levelers are installed and used to avoid problems arising from instability. House painters check ladders for sturdiness. To reduce the risks of electrocution near the power lines, house painters use fiberglass ladder as a precautionary measure. Ladders are angled at 3:1 ratio relative to the surface, on which it has been placed. House painters ensure that for every 3 feet of vertical rise, the ladder base is 1 foot from the bottom of the work surface. It is highly essential to maintain three points of contact when one is riding on the ladder. For instance, two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand offers stable grip on the ladder. Professional house painters in Columbus or for that matter in any parts of the world inspect the work area for nests or insects before climbing on the ladder.

If an area is not properly ventilated, house painters use respirator. Painters use dust mask and safety glasses while performing tasks like sanding. While working on corrosive strippers, compounds and solvents, painters use protective gloves, safety glasses and a respirator.

Most of the products used for painting are highly flammable. Professional painters store away paints and the other related products away from direct source of heat. Used rags are allowed to dry completely before they are disposed.

Before scrapping off any old paint, house painters gather information about when the house was built. Houses that are built before 1978 are likely to have lead-based paint in them. In doubtful situations, the painters use testing kit to find out the lead content in your paint. A professional contractor does all the necessary preparatory works in case of presence of lead-based paint in the project site.
It is needless to say, house painting can be a dangerous endeavor when you try to do it yourself. Keeping in mind the safety measures adopted by the professional painters can help you avoid most of the dangers. Contacting with a professional house painter will ensure safely completion of every bit of your painting job.

What to Look for Apart from the Safety Measures Adopted by Painting Professionals:

Paint professionals offer power washing services that drastically improve driveways, sidewalk, brick surface, deck and exterior of a house. Preservation services and deck treatments are the other aspects apart from safety measures that you must look for while hiring paint professionals. Professional contractors have a wide range of colors to view with different tints and finishes. You can ask the painters to offer free estimates and match the color swaps

House painters are hired for a number of reasons like proper selection of tools, colors and the safety measures they adopt. So, if you want to add style to your home, get in touch with professional painters in your locality today!

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