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Choice between Windows VPS and Linux VPS

by businesscloudhosting

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If you are looking at windows VPS or Linux VPS hosting services in UK and are confused between which operating system to choose, then the answer lies in the best value it gives to your business. Both Windows VPS and Linux VPS work in a similar fashion which is dividing the servers in virtual containers, which have their own virtual server which work in an isolated environment from others and gives the privacy and space to store data and run applications.

Benefits of Windows VPS

It is ideal for sites with high traffic, sensitive customer data and involves secure e commerce applications. Hyper V servers and dedicated servers have pretty much the same security and handling features but the windows VPS has an expandable memory for managing the system resources with ease. It provides complete hardware virtualisation giving complete control over the operating system. There is 100% isolation between virtual containers.  It gives remote access to VPS server through graphical user interface from anywhere. It has a strong support system for Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access as these are native to windows.

Benefits of Linux VPS

This operating system is very popular due to its reliability. Other factor which makes it most used by web servers is its low cost but with the benefits of dedicated hosting.  Linux VPS is an open source application which makes it cheaper as compared to windows VPS. It gives access to industry standard control panel. It offers flexibility in managing web space, installing applications and tools as per the requirements. High quality performance of the websites due to stability and next to zero down time enhances the visitors’ experience.


windows VPS or Linux VPS hosting services in UK

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