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How to get emergency dental treatment in London?

by anonymous

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Extreme trauma to your teeth can leave a mark for life. That is why it is important to go in for emergency dental treatment quickly. But emergency dental treatment in London can cost a fortune, so you should know when to seek it. For instance, your cap coming loose can wait a couple of days for the regular appointment. But sharp shooting pains in your mouth that travel all along the jaw line need emergency attention or in the case of an accident where your teeth have been knocked out. Depending upon the pain you can decide on the type of treatment that you want. Keep reading to know how you can avail emergency dental treatment:
1.	The first thing to do is to call your dentist. For practical purposes have your doctors on speed dial. If you are unable to get through, call the dentist’s office line and you will know how to get to him in an emergency. Don’t panic. Most situations are reversible. If you are not able to get in touch at all, go to the nearest hospital and avail their emergency dental treatment. Don’t forget to carry your Medicaid card. 
2.	In case there isn’t any dentist or hospital nearby, search the internet or the phone book for an emergency dentist that you can get to, in the surrounding areas. Google “24- hour dentist” and you should be able to find somebody. Don’t be jittery. It’s better to receive medical attention from an unknown source than none at all. 
3.	And then if your luck is really running bad and you can’t find anyone; look up a dental school nearby. They generally have walk in clinics that operate 24x7. You may not be confident about the medical attention that you get there, but under the circumstances, it is your best bet! 
4.	If you are new to London, ask your neighbor or colleague for their dentist contact and see what they come up with. The idea is to get treated in time, so don’t be cranky about the who and the where of it. 
What can you do on your way to the dentist?
Nothing drastic of course! If you are bleeding from the mouth and think it’s from your gum, hold handkerchief there and press to staunch the flow. Try not to lose blood. Keep calm so that your blood pressure doesn’t spike up and keep breathing normally. You can also use a cold compress as that will stop the blood flow. Wrap ice in a cloth and press it against your jaw. It will also numb the pain. 
If it is your teeth that have been dislocated and are hanging on precariously, then you are in a time frame. Teeth re- implanted within 30 minutes of dislodging have a better chance of making it to full recovery than otherwise. 
This will ensure that you get emergency dental treatment. But in order to prevent such drastic action, take good treatment of your teeth and visit a dentist regularly.

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