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Choice of course

by learningfrench

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When one has to choose for the course to enrol oneself for, it can be a daunting task if there is ambiguity. To be able to get yourself to the course of your choice, try answering these questions.

  • What are the goals you wish to achieve by learning French Language?
  • How would you want to pace your learning?
  • Would you want to brush over the subjects or want to study them in depth?

Once this is done, then have a look at some French language courses available and make a go ahead by enrolling yourself for the course which best suits your needs. Lets understand the basic category of courses available

General Courses

This is the most basic kind of course of French for beginners where they are taught how to learn French in groups of 8-12. Due to a less student teacher ratio, each student can get individual attention and weak areas can be improved due to constant monitoring by the teacher. This helps in faster progress and the student can move onto the next level and can gradually gain access to specific courses programmes, if one wishes.

Standard Courses

This type of a course helps a student to apply the language in daily life situations. In this course, the written and oral fundamentals are taught. Reading, writing, hearing & speaking skills are particularly sharpened. This course is meant for students who wish to better their knowledge of the language and apply it into practical usage.

Intensive Courses                                              

This is an extension of the standard course. However, it moves at a faster pace and involves studying the subjects in detail. It is more communicative wherein a wide range of topics are discussed and views are exchanged. This is an appropriate choice for students who want a higher learning curve.

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