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Houses Selling: For Sale by Owner in Atlanta vs. MLS Listing

by leonagladen

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The Multiple Listing System or MLS is a convenient method to sell your home whether in Atlanta or Roswell, or anywhere in Georgia. MLS lists all the homes for sale and puts it in an online location where national and international brokers can access it. The list features important information regarding your house. However, a homeowner who prefers to sell through FBOS or For Sale by Owner in Atlanta, can also have his property listed in MLS through a realty broker.

Getting ready for Listing

There are many things to consider when you prepare your MLS listing. As they say, "Pictures say a thousand words" so provide photos of your home. Clearly illustrate it using certain words like "natural stone" instead of "good floors". Remember what your target purchaser would like to know rather than what you like to know because you may have different tastes.


If you get your home listed with the aid of a realtor, you should pay commission to your agent or broker for the sale. This is however natural as he put together your house information and put these in the listing. However, the benefit of putting up your home for sale on your own, is you can save lots of dollars in commission but the sale may take much longer and your lack of experience may trigger you to miss out on the essential legalities of the deal.


Realty has already relocated into the online world. This suggests that owners who want to sell their houses or buy a house now have more resources at their disposal especially with the MLS listing. If you wish to know how much money you have to pay for appraisal and other expenses, you can just check on your selected property to find out.


Lots of people are versed on the complex art of negotiation, while others just aren't. If you happen to be one of the latter, you may be better off getting an efficient broker. A dependable real estate agency in Roswell GA has licensed and experienced agents and brokers trained in good negotiation skills and who know the details of any realty deal.

The bottom line is you have the option to sell your house through a broker or through FSBO. Whichever way you choose, talk with a real estate agent for appropriate MLS Listing. For more details, browse through

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