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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: Various Chemicals

by mafaldacramer

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When real wood shows to be very costly for a barbecue, there's constantly the choice of making use of the more economical charcoal. The truth is, charcoal is initially wood except only its carbon material is left after scorching. Replacing hormones work the same way; the substance used is not testosterone or estrogen, but its chemical structure is similar.

The reduction of bodily hormones is commonly associated with ailments like Alzheimer's disease and deterioration of peripheral sight. Andropause and menopause may be foregone conclusion of aging, but wouldn't it be great if you can avoid the dreadful consequences they bring? By instilling the body with a substance chemically similar to the bodily hormones, a therapy for natural hormone replacement can supply hormones in the later years.

According to the Harvard Medical School, bioidentical estrogen consists of estriol, estrone, and 17-beta-estradiol that are extracted from selected plants. These chemicals fall in short supply when menopause sets in, thereby exposing one to serious health threats. The procedure takes advantage of the body's incapability to differentiate foreign estrogen from the estrogen produced by the ovary.

In the same manner, bioidentical testosterone includes alpha methylated testosterone and testosterone cypionate. They can appear in the form of creams, gels, and injectables, but never as an oral drug since the liver may significantly reduce its efficacy before it gets to the circulatory system. This "first-pass effect" is the last thing you want to occur when taking bioidentical hormones.

If bioidentical hormones appear in the form of pills, the mode of therapy for bioidentical hormone replacement is often sublingual in nature. In short, the pill remains in the mouth for a while until it's completely liquefied to circumvent the risk of the first-pass result. This is the reason the treatment frequently involves injection or the application of cream or gel to the skin. In this manner, the drug can be immediately routed to the circulatory system, completely sidestepping the liver.

Under FDA policies, bioidentical hormone drugs can not be bought without prescription from the doctor. If you wish to know more about these substances, seek advice from your doctor or go to the Harvard Medical School website at You can likewise visit an online guide at

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