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Be Creative While Designing a Photography Website

by pixpadesign

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A portfolio website is not just about the photos that you have taken, it is more about the way you present the photographs and lure the audience in. Attracting your visitors may be a very tricky objective to be completed as they are always expecting too much and some fail to understand the audience’s need and want. By being creative, you can attract your audience and who knows, if they are attracted, they can be your future clients.

Here are some of the ways how you can be creative and attract your audience:

• Showcase the type of work you will want to do in the future
• Use some eye-catching images and share a backstory for the images
• Keep the website simple and make the photographs the focus point
• Create a video for your bio and show what makes you a unique photographer
• Add distinct elements and tips (best if you include a blog)
• Keep it fresh

Remember, your task is to impress your prospective clients. If they can find a lot of potentials in your work, they will surely hire you and you will get a better extension for your career. Add up some of the things that you would love to do in the future and try to make an impression that you are an energetic photographer.

Use some eye-catching images to attract the audience’s attention. Get a little more creative with your work. There is something that you can do, select a photo, and then write up the story behind the photo. For example, if it is a photo of a farm in New Zealand, write a little story about the moments when you were taking that photo in New Zealand. Come up with some interesting fact about the subject of the photo. Like, “Did you know?
A Breeding cow in New Zealand can give up to 40kg of milk per day”. You are not only showing your photo, but you are also displaying that you have a certain passion for photography.

When I said that you need to attract your visitors, I necessarily did not mean that you need to insert a lot of content in your website. Refrain from jam packing your website. Include as little unnecessary items as possible. Keep the website simple and make your photos the main focus point. Remember, the visitor’s main aim to be in your website is to see your photos, not how many widgets you have added on your website.

Photography is not always about the photo that has been taken, it is also about the photographer. So many photographers include a bio. You can also get innovative here. Instead of writing a bio, you can create a video about yourself, that will be more interesting and the client will start to like you more than before.

Open a blog and give photography tips. Share some of the knowledge that you have learned. In this way, you can show leadership qualities which the employers love the most.

And at last but not the least, keep your website clean and fresh, don’t ever, even by mistake include ads in your portfolio website.

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