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An ITunes Gift Card will Make Your Friends Happy!

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ITunes Store gives you an excellent opportunity to choose music, movies, apps, games, eBooks, etc. for your iPod or iPhone. Besides, it’s a really good idea to give an iTunes gift card to your friend or colleague as a gift. It goes without saying that everyone would be satisfied with such a kind of present. In other words, it’s free money to purchase apps, favorite music, videos, programs, and so on. Your friend will easily redeem the iTunes gift card codes at the buy itunes gift card online Store.

First, it would be necessary to create an iTunes account. You will find the iTunes gift card code at the back of the card. Type in the code and click “Redeem”. Confirm that you really want to redeem your iTunes card. At the top right corner you’ll see your account name and balance of your card. When you make purchases, funds will be debited from your balance.

Sending apps, music and videos from your card

Apart from that, you can send items to your friends or relatives for birthdays or holidays. All you need is an iTunes gift card. Enter the iTunes Shop, type iTunes gift card code, the email address and name of the recipient. Be sure, your friend will appreciate this nice surprise! Read more articles from this author: Make a Perfect Gift with an ITunes Gift Card.

Your recipient will need to create an iTunes account to get your gift and download it. However, they don’t necessary need an iTunes account before you send items.

If you sent the gift from the U.S. iTunes Store, for example, friends in the U.K. won’t be able to redeem it. In this case you need access to the British iTunes Store. And also add him to friends at itunes gift card.

What should you know before using iTunes gift card?
If you include several email addresses, you would be charged for every of them. For example, you want to give a $10 item to three people. Consequently, you will be charged $30.

You can send the gift either on the specific day or right away. If you want to send the item right now, you should click “Now”. In case you want to send the gift on a later day, press “Other Day” and set the date within 90 days. Click “Next” and select design and theme for the message. Click “Next” and review the information (the names, email addresses, noes, etc.). If everything is correct, click “Buy Gift”. Without a doubt, your friends will be happy to get their favorite music or videos.

You can buy itunes gift card codes online and start buying content. Once you’ve purchased your favorite items, get them onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod and start enjoying it!

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