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The Doppler Effect

by ohoegh

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1.  Why do scientists believe the universe is expanding?
2.  Light waves radiate outward from a stationary source in what shape? 
3.  What happens to the waves that move ahead of a moving source?  How about the waves behind the moving source? 
4.  What kind of shift occurs when galaxies move away from us?


  • JessicaFischer
    !.the doppler effect
    2.circles front= more compact/ in back= spaces out shift
  • SierraBandBrooklynV
    1. the doppler effect
    2. circle
    3. the front lightwaves are more compacted than the back waves
    4.Red Shift
  • HeLeanBarWari
    1:) The doppler effet
    2:) Circles
    3:) The wave lengths are compacted closer together in the front than they are in the back
    4:) A redshift
  • KelliS
    1) The light waves and their color. 2) Circles. 3)  The waves behind are much farther apart, and the ones in front are very close together. 4) A red shift.
  • HannahA
    1.) Because of the Doppler effect.
    2.) Circles.
    3.) They are more bunched together when they're in front, and further away when behind.
    4.) "Red" shift.
  • TSlob
    1.Because of different light waves.
    3.In front they are closer together and in back they are farther apart.
    4.Red shift.
  • KatlynP.
    1.Because we see a red light and that means the waves are moving away from us which then show us that they are moving us aways from other galaxies too.
    2. In a Circular shape.
    3. They are more highpitched than the ones after the scource passes which are more low pitched and slower.
    4. A shift where the galaxies are moving away from us. 
  • KylaS
    1) Because the galaxies show a red tint wich means they are moving away from each other. 
    2) In a circle.
    3) It is higher in pitch and more bunched together in front of the car. And behind it expands and drops in pitch.
    4) Light waves.
  • JohnnyC
    1.Because of the doppler affect.
    2.they are in a circle
    3. the light waves ahead are more compacted and the waves behide are more streached out.
    4.Its known as a red shift.
  • Carterr
    1. Because all ways travel outward
    2. Circular
    3. The waves in front are together - the waves behind are far apart.
    4. Red shift
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